Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Love and light from the wee rusty tin can here in the Scottish highlands............ Alba gu brath

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Mon BABES xxxx



me and mel



Just got off the phone wae Ronnie , MEL is being cremated tommorow Monday the third of October 2016.


my wee warrior will be back home Wednesday Fifth of October…. .. i hope.


i stuck tae your last wish babes … i am so sorry that all that we had planned was taken away .. through them many nights we talked openly aye since 2004 . we had tae face up too death .. over the years and the many battles and near death experiences we took comfort in how you would leave , what YOU wanted etc etc .. aye them many hours dreaming and hugging we sat ..  always ready for that next call. another cancer , etc etc .. 


every step of the road stories trickle then flood the way ahaed..


“ you canny dae that” rings out .. naw , watch us eh babes..


the cliffs we scrambled doon the gether , even though you were in so much pain. then sitting as i moved a rock so you could just nestle intae ..


wandering off , i would watch ma wee warrior in gales and sun , smile the smile o marriage .. 


we argued lol many times who, had taught who, so much …


i will ALWAYS love you babes..  through those hard tears o seperation we giggled .. 


i am PROUD TO CALL YOU MY WIFE, thankyou for all the happiness and tears the many miles bimbled the gether..



NOO STOP FUCKING ABOOT , AND GET HAME , aw ready here, tae hit the road….




aye i’m writting , for fucksakebabes . lol 



Wednesday, 28 September 2016

why i love tae write and share , love n light ma pal xx

My Dearest Andy,
I just finished working a 6-day stint and have not had a proper moment to reflect and mourn the loss of your sweet Mel ... until now. I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you both with great sadness over such a deep and senseless loss (Sod you, Cancer!) mixed with great joy that Mel is free from the pain at last.
I wanted to relay a little story of what happened at my work the day that Mel went to sleep for the last time. I am a cashier at a very busy grocery store. I smile at every customer and ask them how they are and when asked the same, I always reply "I'm great! Thanks for asking!" (or something similar) ... even if I'm not really great. Because there is no time to discuss worries or problems or anything that may be going on in my personal life. And most people would not care to know about all that, anyway. But the day that we lost Mel, I had gone outside for my ten-minute break to smoke a much needed cig and to check emails and facebook msgs on my phone. That's when I read your heartbreaking post about your beloved Wee Warrior.
I have always found it difficult to cry no matter how much pain I feel. (I think that comes from an abusive childhood ... another story for, perhaps, another time.) But learning of Mel's death brought immediate tears. For ten minutes, I sat alone under a tree behind the store and cried.
Then, all too soon, my "break" was over and I had to get back in to stand at the cash register and greet customers with a smile. I composed myself as best I could and went back to work. My first customer upon my return, was a curmudgeonly old man, a regular, who always has something to complain about. He has a permanent, angry scowl on his face ... we didn't have the graham crackers he wanted, or I didn't bag his groceries the way he wanted, or I took too long to ring him up, etc. etc. I was glad for him in that moment, because I didn't have to pretend to be happy!
But the customer after him was a woman whom I'd never seen before. With a smile and sincerity, I asked her how her day was going and she said she'd been having a wonderful day. She asked me how I was. Before I could say anything, she said, "You seem sad. Tell me, are you OK?" I was honestly quite taken aback.
There was something so kind and spiritual about her. So, trying not to cry, I told her that I had just gotten some very sad news.
She said, "please tell me."
I said that a very lovely, special friend had just died of cancer.
The woman said, "What's your friend's name?"
I said "Her name is Mel."
"Well then," she replied, "you need to go to your boss and tell her that you must leave today. You need to be with Mel's loved ones and others who understand your great loss. You need to do this for them and for you."
I explained to her that Mel and her husband, Andy, were in Scotland, so, going to be with you would not be possible.
She said, "I'm so sorry. Having them so far away must be especially hard for you."
I told her that I would be OK but that, yes, not being able to share physical space with Mel's husband and friends in Mel's beloved Scotland, was very painful indeed. I also said, "even though I've known Andy and Mel for several years and have felt
closer to them than I have most of my own family, I've only ever known them through Facebook and through Andy's blog and videos. I've never even been to Scotland or had the privilege to meet them in person and now, Mel is gone, so I will never have the chance to sit with her or hug her or hear her laugh... even if I do finally get to Scotland one day."
This woman told me that she completely understood how a long-distance connection can be so strong and true. She said, "it doesn't matter that you have never shared physical space with them. You have shared something much more than that. The spiritual connections we have with our soul friends are as strong and valid and pure as any we might have with the family and friends who are physically near to us."
She asked me to tell her about Mel and you. I told her that you are "Bimblers"; that you travel the Highlands of Scotland with your dog Cus, in your caravan that is decked out with solar panels. That you both are caring, funny, smart, creative people. That Mel knitted (or crocheted, I couldn't remember which) lovely hats and scarves and she loved winter time. That Mel was so strong and brave, having fought against that fucking cancer for years and that Andy had fought with her and beside her. That most importantly, the two of you never let cancer define who you are or how you've lived your lives. I told her that your life and love story had inspired people around the world and that you both are deeply loved by so many.
She thanked me for sharing you two with her. She said she would light candles for you and for Mel, for you both to be strong through this transition. She said it made her heart happy to learn about you and to share in her own small way, in the profoundly beautiful story of the Hermits, Mel & Andy. She came around the counter and hugged me, then picked up her bags of groceries and left the store.
Strangely enough, I am usually busy with customer after customer, with no time for anything but a quick "how are you?" and "thank you, have a nice day." But, not a single customer came to my register while this conversation took place. It was like everything else around us stopped or disappeared altogether. It was just me and this beautiful stranger who came into my day at the perfect time. It was pure magic, Andy! I think Mel just may have had a hand in that and I just had to let you know.
Thank you, Mel! And thank you, Andy. I'm so blessed to have you in my life!
Love & Light as you bimble on together forever, my Dear and Beautiful Soul Friends



want tae send mel a hug please leave a wee donation at the HIGHLAND HOSPICE  below. love n hugs from ma wee warrior and me xx



Thursday, 22 September 2016



listening to the weather today on the radio , as a voice trails off intae dissapointment as apparently the fine weather is "going  DOWNHILL"... after a rather lovely etc etc etc ....

fuck better no saying anything... listening happily as the lassie goes on to say .. " sadly the rain will come in from the West "..( fuck, happys .. quick get the laundry out... ) a quick bit o water gathering Molly washed doon...  solar panels cleaned .. 

oh fuck the lassie now telling off high winds ..  ( fuck, happy days..... wind genny then begins tae play in the wind ...  laundry drying...  AYE FUCK , HOPE THE MORRA WILL BE BETTER.. 

Sitting here, ready to begin the nightshift .. coffee in hand a wee spliff , just glad to sit on my arse a while... all quiet in the hovel..

Mel woke up earlier for ten minutes , first time she woke up since yesterday..  had a good wee chat , even got a wee smile.. sorted out the bed , told tell her who had texted etc etc  .. sorted out her water bottle , then turned just as ma wee warrior fell asleep again.....

and aye ,enjoyed the sun the day..
had a huge sort out enjoying the sun , managed to do a bit more on the kitchen units.. sorted oot the tides till Jan .. chased up everything on the official side, fucking tough..

sorted out some more solar lights , well chuffed wae the wee table lights..

good to work with wood and create ,so much fun.. the whole thing o the journey o creating anything..
checked Molly over again, oil, lights, etc etc .. aw ok....

was thinking today if i should get a smaller vehicle.

decided though to keep her so much energy has already gone intae the wee bus...  

Done and been through many tough times , but sitting here watching my wife melt away , fuck fuck fuck.. 

lessons though from this journey flood in.. 

SOUNDS LIKE THE WASHING MACHINE HAS STOPPED, a quick check and aye o fresh , mountain fresh ... 

wait a minute , sounds like the patient is stirring ..  NO, back too sleep....  good to see the pain going...  the screams, tears and smiles  ring oot..
oor wee pal the deer came to see us a few days ago , have know her years now, comes and sits by whatever vehicle we are in.. when the deep snows come she will always nestle under oor hame..

so much life at Droma , enjoying the wee fires at night .. and sitting listening tae the night track... pure magic.. so it is..

managed a couple o hours last night..  that reminds me, got tae make up a bed on the floor or maybe just sleep in the chair ..  fuck it, aye chair it is ..

aye been a lovely day so far the day.......  sun rain and wind , pure magic..

love n light from us aw in the wee tin can xxx


beautiful day wae these guys , have always loved tae be arround horses...  was told NOT to go in the field as the big guy was uncontrollable.. aye, right so he is..going intae a field o horse and spending the night with them ...  sorry prattling on again..




Anyways better get on the shift..  love n light xx 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

everydayhero: Highland Hospice Donations .. many thanks for the help in letting me give my wife want she wants ie to die at home and for helping our doctor , love and light from us in the wee tin can xxx

many thanks for the help in letting me give my wife want she wants ie to die at home and for helping our doctor , love and light from us in the wee tin can xxx

everydayhero: Highland Hospice Donations

Love and light from the wee rusty tin can here in the Scottish highlands............ Alba gu brath

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Two old bimbling farts: The last Flight

Two old bimbling farts: The last Flight: Eagle the shame of man From his nest high up on the south facing cliff an eagle watches as the sun rises in the east, slowly at first as if...

Love and light from the wee rusty tin can here in the Scottish highlands............ Alba gu brath

Monday, 12 September 2016

12 year battle with cancer

On August 21st 2016 , Our doctor Katherine came out too the wee bus parked up at Loch Droma.. after checking my wife Mel she agreed with me that Mel would die within 1 – 7 days.. Today 12th September 2016 my wife fights on..   But as the days drift past she gets weaker and weaker the pain although mostly under control sucks her energy away .. 12 years battling five lots of cancer have taken its toll on ma wife ..the days now are filled with remembering our many adventures .. constantly saying to each another how much we will miss each another..tears flow some happy some dark… watching the fight leave my wee warrior the toughest thing i have ever gone through but at the same time we know we have been blessed to have spent so so many years together ..  hope as always sits ..  but we both know there is no way back and all i want is my wife to be comfortable and as happy as i can make her journey ..   love n light my wee warrior , I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER MY WONDERFUL WIFE  ..  xxxx

Friday, 9 September 2016

EVICTION ( THE BATTLE OF THE MACHINES ) TWO wee hermits fight back.

Love and light from the wee rusty tin can here in the Scottish highlands............ Alba gu brath

Two old bimbling farts: MacWoody the wee abused Pallet

Two old bimbling farts: MacWoody the wee abused Pallet: In a wee field high up in the Scottish mountains at the back of some unit on an industrial estate MacWoody lays discarded .He dreams of da...

Love and light from the wee rusty tin can here in the Scottish highlands............ Alba gu brath

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A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film
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