Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Fitting Towabar To Our Home

using metal that was tipped close by i was able to
save a lot of money as well as clean the lane up.
Almost there and again using some stainless steel from
a large shop fridge which had been dumped into the river

final tidy up all that remains now is a wee bit of paint.

our wee home

after 2 months solid work i got the bus out of
the yard ,
Not to many seats to remove ha ha

after 2 days and all the seats and rails have gone
really get the feel to the size of our new home.

bedroom that tomorrow i will
be bringing the bed forward and
raising it ,then i will have a
workshop at the rear of the bus.

parked up at beattock summit

early morning.....

Remodelling Bus & getting ready for Mot

We didn't make it to Dumfries today,But tomorrow we will have an early start ,spent today measuring etc ready to buy the wood etc

I will load some pictures as the work progresses

It was a magical morning here in the border country ,i love watching the fog roll down the hillsides and slowly blanket the woods ,last night was so clear the sky seemed to be completely full of stars that seemed to be brighter than i had seen for ages a little taste of the crystal clear days and hopefully SNOW if we are lucky.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Getting ready again for the off

pic taken by our friend Turi

Of to dumfries tomorrow to book the mot for the bus ,and if all goes well we should be ready to head North by the end of the month

can't wait to be up in the highlands and by the sea again

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

what a week

What a week

what an incredible week we have made two new friends called turi & rima who like ourselves are fellow hermits ,and this last couple of days we have had someone else parked up with us .I have also met some beautiful people through my wee web site at www.theblackbuscompany.com the only problem is my wee head is so full with ideas and things i need to get on and do wow wow

Saturday, 13 September 2008

polar bear (news at ten )

Mad to feel sad ?


Last night i caught a glimpse of a polar bear swimming in the open sea where until a couple of years ago there was always ice as far as you could see .The power in his muscles the fear in his eyes scared trying to understand where the ice and therefore the seals had gone .

Then they panned into him and i watched as he finally headed to some land he had spotted .i watched in awe as he emerged from the sea the strength One quick shake and theat coat of fur was dry again The top predator and he knew he was but i swear i saw fear and confussion in his eyes as he hit that beach.

Then the news flicked back to the studio and from somwhere a voice explained that that mighty polar bear ten minutes after hittting land was SHOT DEAD

As the ice recedes so the bears have no where to go
As the oil refinerys are built the bears have no where to go

I feel so sad so sad but tonight i heard a mighty man Stevie Wonder Speak and talk about one people and change

my heart sang as he played the piano and i feel a flicker of hope

I am sad though and glad i still feel the sadness of Mother Earth

Monday, 8 September 2008

Staying positive ?

Staying Positive

The last few days i have been feeling really down :

Last night i sat outside looking at the stars so much beauty up there so many things we have to learn as humans is in the sky

sitting on the moon watching this stunning planet of ours rising up on the horizon the colours the complete fragility of it

we live on a planet that is exactly the right distance from the sun a little closer and it would be to hot for life a little bit further away and to cold for life INCREDIBLE

even the tilt of our planet is just right for seasons INCREDIBLE

turning from looking at earth and off into space so much for us to see and learn so many incredible things to explore

the absolute beauty of this wonderful planet and the universe we all live in the joy of new things that we will discover in years to come

zoom into our planet and humans are destroying it so fast

coral reefs are dying

animals we thought off as here forever are now on the endangered list and soon will only be able to be seen on a screen

the list goes on .and it breaks my spirit

listening to the radio, tv and looking at the mags mel buys

we worry about tv licences

we worry about money

we worry about worrying

we worry about dirt you cant see but dont worry we have a super washing powder to get rid of it

we worry about traffic wardens

we as humans have been blessed with a spirit that takes us to the end of the universe and beyond but lets just watch coronation st

so sad ,but i believe i should be sad at what is happening do we just pretend nothing is happening

i watched the news last night another stabbing then the news reader smiled and said goonight desenseitization on a mass scale dont let it bother you

i am sorry for waffling but my heart is hurting,

i am crying inside but my heart still sees the beauty my eyes still see the little bug and see the stunning beauty i look at the stars and i still have hope

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Monrieth beach

Monrieth beach
Originally uploaded by ANDY & MEL LOWE
another pic by me

hope you enjoy


please don't copy without first asking

Devils Ditch (Stonehenge stories)

The devils ditch page 1


The smoke was drifting up the track, past all the buses and assorted vehicles. It was coming up to summer solstice, and we’d been herded into this lane, some 15 miles from Stonehenge by the police. For the last few months we had all been getting more and more hassle from them, while we had gathered all around Stonehenge for the solstice at various sites.

It was early evening, and there were people every where in various states i.e. drunk drugged etc. I reckon there were at least 30 vehicles, and at both ends of the lane was a blockade manned by police trying to stop us from moving. We’d been there at least four days, and we had all been trying hard to get the vehicles ready for the off, whenever that came. We weren't sure whether the police were going to move in to trash us all, or move us on again (scary times)

But for now, it was good to sit at the fire with some good people and enjoy a smoke. We had had a journalist from some paper or other, at the fire after a story, and we had eventually agreed if he got us some baccy and booze, which he did.

During the night we all decided to head off in two days, and head to the stones, sitting there with Mark going over what we had been up to that day, I was so happy. In the morning we had gone up the track and found an old dumped car, which, after a struggle we managed to pull from the river and onto the lane. It had its wheels but no tyres, but we got the tow chain on it, and headed down the track to where the police blockade was.

I really don't know what we thought we were doing. there was no way the police would allow us to drag this thing all the way to the nearest scrap yard 10 miles away, but by that time we really didn't give a shit what the police thought. Pulling up to the blockade with Mark in the lanny and me sitting in this heap laughing my head off, but trying to keep a straight face on, as one of the doors fell of onto the road. We pulled up slowly to within 3 yrds when one of the coppers stood out in front of us, and ordered us to stop. I thought for a second Mark was going to carry straight on, but then I noticed the brake lights go on. The copper walked over with the sternest face, asking us where the F**k do you two idiots thing you are going with that thing. Mark instantly replied "The scrap yard, why?" We were really acting deadly serious knowing we would be turned back, but he was such a twat that we just kept the joke going, and eventually somehow he agreed we could take it, but only after he tested the brakes.

I was totally shocked and looked at Mark, who just shrugged his shoulders and we watched this idiot get into the car. I was struggling like mad to keep a straight face, looking at this copper sitting in the car no tyres, one door missing and no glass in any of the windows. " Right he shouted, slowly pull ahead until I tell you to stop" Mark got into the landy, and I swear to god that git headed of at about 60 mph with this copper shouting "STOP STOP STOP" when Mark leaned out and said "Cool" and slammed the brakes on. Well the copper was right, the brakes were shit and he went straight into the back of the tow bar on the landy !!

I watched as the copper got out fuming saying " You’re not taking that anywhere " and headed off to were the rest of his mates where, who I could see were struggling to keep a straight face.

I simple said "Thanks officer, glad someone knows his stuff about cars"

more of my stories at http://theblackbus.999.org


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A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film
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