Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pics of Autumn

Some wee pics i have taken on the summit this amazing Autumn .I hope you enjoy them

Almost ready for the off

Well its been over a year since we moved but the time is fast approaching.
We mot'd the bus last week and on monday we get the road tax so anytime after that we are heading north .
I must admit a feeling of anxiety at the first move but i know once we have stopped at a few parkups it will flow again ,the feeling of being totally free again
approaching roundabouts and sometimes going round them 2 or 3 times then something guides you and of you go .

we are so looking forward to being amongst the mountains again

I will start posting again on a regular basis as we head north camera at the ready

Thursday, 9 October 2008

re-fitting the old bus

we decided to get the wood on monday and make a start.The old bus is
going for her mot on the 24th of this month.
So i thought i head better get on and get her snuggily buggily ready for the
winter up north ..

starting to take shape

getting there custard has already claimed his bed

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Welcome to the modern world a PROPER way to live.

I watched a programme a couple of days ago called Amazon by Bruce Parry.
I sat in disbelief, as he flew for hours and hours over magical forest hunting a village ,a people .
The sadness in his voice as he explained that the plane was running out of fuel and they would have to return to the airstrip.
He had been told of this tribe and was desperate to find them .
THEN with less than 5 minutes of fuel remaining JOY they found the village tucked in a small clearing oh what joy he shouted and then explained that they had had only a rough grid reference but now they could mark the village with GPS so the film crew etc could find the people easier. SUCCESS ..... oh what releif he had in his voice .

All i could think was shit their F***ED , the modern world was coming and they didn't have a clue ..

Earlier he had returned to a village after a year, were there was sickness and sadness kids with T-shirts advertising COKE on them less than a year ago the village had been happy and living a natural way of life but the modern world was about to show them that they were living a terrible life :

No proper housing
No proper roads
No proper education
No street lights (crime would rise without the lights)
No hospitals
No proper shops (how could they live without M&S etc
No health and safety (paddling a boat without a life jacket ,insurance,safety certificate etc)
No career prospects
No life insurance
No Death insurance ( aye i know you used to bury you dead in a gentle way in the forest but hay get an education then a really good job and you could then afford a PROPER BURIAL from the co-op (and you get stamps)
No savings
No pension's
No fishing permits
No Loyalty cards
No Buy one get one free
No loans
No hp (hire perchace)
No Debt
No conjestion charges
No traffic wardens
NO AMENITY'S (aye i know you used to wonder in the woods and have a dump but hay get a good career and you can afford a proper toilet and some really expensive mountain air freshener/ocean spray/forest glade spary no worrys about wild creatures leaping onto you while you have a shit )
NO librarys
NO life
No ZOOS (aye, i know you could wonder around and look at the animals in the forest but hay get a life if you get a good job you can then go and afford to visit the zoo and see all sorts of creatures granted they are in wee cages but so much easier to view them)
NO museums
No credit cards (how do you get the things you never knew you wanted or could afford when you realised what was missing in your life ie latest super flashy kettle etc get yourself a proper job/career then when you cant afford something pull out this magic plastic and hey presto that wee magic super modern kettle will be yours )
No debit cards

etc etc etc etc etc etc

################# POOR SODS ##################

but Dont worry we will help you escape your poverty and live a better more productive life


where they once paddled there boat with freedom the boat now they would have to have a licence ,insurance safety certificate mooring etc etc agh that's Better
(they would have to go to work to get the money to pay for these improvments ???)

I listened to a woman who after giving birth had to return to work to get money to pay somone to then look after her baby MADNESS complete bloody MADNESS

try and explain that system to people living a natural life and i reckon they would laugh so bloody loud

I realise that i am writting this on a modern invention paradox after paradox

but i believe we have to look to the tribes of this world and learn before it is to late in the same way we look to the animal kingdom for answers

The daft hermit xxx

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A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film
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