Friday, 31 July 2009

Dafthermit with our friend Sally

my wee film this time with our hermit friend Sally hope you enjoy

Friday, 24 July 2009

A Wonderful journey of photography and film


I have said this before but since picking up a camera and laptop just over a year ago i have been amazed at where it has taken me.

I have been busy doing a film all about water and i want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments and emails.


My project about water is growing so fast and today i was blown away again by the kindness of people ,Sally Hope has given me permission to use her amazing song Blessed water in the film if you have not heard of her please take a wee moment or two and visit here

sally poppy

this is a wee bit about sally i hope you will pop over to see her:

I am a creator, as Ellen Von Einem once said 'we are the Mothers and Fathers of our own thinking and are thus creators'

I am an artist poet, musician, singer/songwriter, hypnotherapist, writer, intuitive and entrepeneur.

I have two albums out 'Medicine' and 'Pearl' which are available here from my shop via itunes or C.D's, my music reflects my positive outlook and of course reflects what is going on in my and our world.

I, art, books, films, people, animals, angels, my family, growing veg, trees, the earth, skies, Wales, colours, rainbows, peace, happiness, freedom, justice, talking and discussing all sorts of issues with people...


happy travels all the dafthermit

well before i could even post this wee post i have just recieved another amazing email a new friend called Katie who is an amazing fiddle player has agreed to me using any of her music .

You can hear her playing here


So many thanks once again for all the support in the making of "Water "a wee highland film..

The film on you tube is only an intro to the full length film ...


Someone else i have to thank is my friend tui for allowing me to use his music ,you can here tui;s stunning work here..

frontpage tui 3mot almost gone




Colours in the early light of day.

I stood to let my eyes caress the curves and contours of a world

Through air so clear

This clean and noiseless save the swishing of the sea.

The quiet calling of the gulls as if to you alone

And here to me questions come you know.

Just what are we within all things

Perhaps some answers in these lands of space of time lost highland clans

More wild more FREE……

by Mel Lowe

more of mels poems here

2009-07-10 butterfly5

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Some Wee Films From Me


This is my wee film all about water here in the highlands of Scotland

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Help Needed At The Blackbus for Leonard Peltier

The Activist. Leonard Peltier, now a great-grandfather, is a citizen of the Anishinabe & Dakota/Lakota Nations & a tireless advocate for Indigenous Rights. A participant in the American Indian Movement, he went to assist the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in the mid-1970s where, on June 26, 1975, a tragic shoot out occurred. He was wrongfully convicted in the deaths of two agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation & has been illegally incarcerated since 1976.


Leonard Peltier

The Artist. Leonard Peltier’s self-taught style is an outgrowth of drawing & carving lessons he received as a child from tribal elders.

Leonard Peltier began working with pastels in 1983, proving he had talent to put what he saw on paper. His spirit began to know a freedom he had never before experienced.

Although limited by the prison environment, Mr. Peltier has emerged as a master of Indigenous Art. Leonard’s artwork reflects his beliefs & commitment to Native American culture. It is The People’s struggle to survive & his desire to portray their cultural beauty that inspires Peltier to paint.

In 1986, Leonard suffered a stroke & lost about eighty percent of his sight in his left eye.

“My eye problem has slowed me down considerably, but I am still inspired.”

Leonard’s paintings, viewable at, are collected by such noted personalities as Oliver Stone, Peter Coyote, Jane Fonda, Val Kilmer, Michael Apted, Shep Gordon, & Oliver Shanti, as well as many other international celebrities & luminaries.

The Humanitarian. Mr. Peltier has made remarkable contributions to humanitarian & charitable causes during his many years in prison. He has won several human rights awards, including the North Star Frederick Douglas Award; Federation of Labour (Ontario, Canada) Humanist of the Year Award; Human Rights Commission of Spain International Human Rights Prize; & the 2004 Silver Arrow Award for Lifetime Achievement. In 2008, for the fifth consecutive year, Mr. Peltier was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

• Mr. Peltier has played a key role in getting people from different tribes, with a history of animosity, to come together in peace. He advocates for peaceful resolution of all Native American issues & respect for the rights of others.

• Mr. Peltier has worked with Dr. Steward Selkin on a pilot program on the Rosebud Reservation, the Leonard Peltier Health Care Reform Package, to document needs & requirements for delivery & care. The ultimate intent of the program is to fundamentally alter health care delivery on reservations throughout the U.S.

• He has worked with Professor Jeffery Timmons on a program to stimulate reservation-based economics & investments in Native American business enterprises, including a component to teach business ownership & operation to the young people of First Nations.

• In 1992, Leonard Peltier established a scholarship at New York University for Native American students seeking law degrees. He also was instrumental in the establishment & funding of a Native American newspaper by & for Native young people in Washington State. In addition to having raised two of his grandchildren from prison, Mr. Peltier has been a sponsoring father of two children through ChildReach, one in El Salvador & the other in Guatemala. Every year, he sponsors a Christmas food & gift drive for the children of Pine Ridge. Peltier also serves on the Board of the Rosenberg Fund for Children.

• Mr. Peltier also organized an emergency food drive for the people of Pohlo, Mexico, in response to the Acteal Massacre. He frequently contributes to Head Start programs & domestic violence shelters to address funding shortfalls.

• Peltier has helped several Indian prisoners rehabilitate themselves by advocating a drug- & alcohol-free lifestyle while encouraging pride & knowledge in their culture & traditions. He also has worked to develop prisoner art programs thereby increasing prisoners' self-confidence.

• Leonard Peltier donates his artwork to several human rights & social welfare organizations to help them raise funds. Most recently, recipients have included the ACLU; Trail of Hope (a Native American conference dealing with drug & alcohol addiction); World Peace & Prayer Day; the First Nation Student Association; & the Buffalo Trust Fund.

The Writer. Released in 1999, Peltier's book, Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance, was met with critical acclaim.

Doing time creates a demented darkness of my own imagination; doing time does this thing to you. But of course, you don't do time. You do without it. Or rather, time does you. Time is a cannibal that devours the flesh of your years day by day, bite by bite.

— Leonard Peltier

According to the book's editor, Harvey Arden, "Leonard Peltier's powerful memoir, a Native American spiritual testament, will shake the conscience of the nation... & the world. It's a flaming arrow aimed at the circled wagons of American injustice."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu called it: "A deeply moving & very disturbing story of a gross miscarriage of justice & an eloquent cri de coeur of Native Americans for redress & to be regarded as human beings with inalienable rights guaranteed under the United States Constitution… We pray that it does not fall on deaf ears. America owes it to herself."

© 2008 – Last Updated June 6, 2008

Leonard Peltier Defense Offense Committee

PO Box 7488, Fargo, ND 58106

Phone: 701/235-2206






I Dance With the Spirit of the Horse


Subject of Robert Redford's film, Incident at Oglala, and Warrior, a Suzi Baer documentary.

Reduce Footprints: Change The World Wednesday

Reduce Footprints: Change The World Wednesday

Monday, 13 July 2009

Tour round the blackbus

welcome to our wee home high in the highlands

Mels woollie hats

A few people have said i should put Mels work up on my blog and various sites so here she is with her wonderful crafts…..

Collages4 (2)

mels blog 006mels blog 005 mels blog 007 mels blog 004mels blog 008 mels blog 009

mels blog 011

mels blog 001hats 005

Mel has always been into her crafts at what she can do with some wool and two ( even one )needles will i hope amaze you

as much as it has done me over the years..

I have persuaded her to now show you all and if anyone would like a hand knitted highland bonnet then email her at

and i am sure you will be happy with your wee woollen bonnet…………………

Saturday, 11 July 2009


One week left for free listing on the Shop Scotland site ,if you are intrested head over quickly ,i did and susie there is so helpful.....

Welcome to Shop Scotland. The handy and ever growing directory of products designed, created and made in Scotland.

you can get there by clicking here


Whether it's a new bag that you're after, a carved wooden toy, sparkling jewellery or even some pungent cheese, Shop Scotland has all this and much more to offer. Each listing provides links direct to individual suppliers websites where you can purchase directly from the maker or artist.

Take your time to have a look around, new listings are added regularly so come back again soon, and tell your friends.

Friday, 10 July 2009

Hermit Highland wandering wonders

2009-07-10 butterfly2 2009-07-10 butterfly12009-07-10 butterfly

2009-07-10 butterfly3 2009-07-10 butterfly4 2009-07-10 butterfly5

7.00 am and with my first cup of coffee consumed ,i headed in to the horsebox and switched the laptop on.

First i want to thank everyone for all the amazing emails and comments across the web about my pictures stories and films

As you know i am only on a wee dial up so although i try to get back to everyone i am sorry if i forget you along the way..

After catching up with nearly everything i grabbed my camera and headed into the hills ,the above pictures are from my wee wander.

The butterfly being my favourite one ( we have been called the butterfly people many times )

I had to chase the wee one for what seemed like miles before i captured the wee shots losing both flip flops along the way.

And to anyone i scared while driving along the Ullapool road sorry just me the Dafthermit..

butterfly 028

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Dafthermit with a touch of orla Wren

This is my latest wee film from the highlands of Scotland using my images and this time i have been given the honour of using my friend Tui's music the CD of which has just been launched in Japan,

and for the last few weeks i have been busy in the horsebox trying to do the music justice

I hope you enjoy it , and i would love to hear what you think ?

once again my friend thank for the inspiration...........

The latest wee film from the dafthermit

This is my latest wee film from the highlands of Scotland using my images and this time i have been given the honour of using my friend Tui's music the CD of which has just been launched in Japan,

and for the last few weeks i have been busy in the horsebox trying to do the music justice

I hope you enjoy it , and i would love to hear what you think ?

once again my friend thank for the inspiration...........

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mel's Interview at Powder room Graffitti

A couple of days ago we got a wee email from Diane over at Powder room graffiti ,which i hope you will take the time to wander over to..

I will post a link to the interview when it is finished and up on Diane's site..

Diane asked Mel to be as honest and open as possible and i think you will agree she has been ..

Last week i got Mel a wee laptop so she can load up here poetry so now i am teaching her to use it (talk about the blind leading the blind lol )


Diane has now put Mel's interview up and it can be seen here

Friday, 3 July 2009

Storm Rolling In

Yeterday just got hotter and hotter until i thought all the tyres on the bus would melt.
Then from the west some clouds rolled in and with a massive crash of thunder which rocked the bus and sent Dylan legging it under the bed at last the pressure released..

For the next hour we were treated to a truly amazing display by mother nature forks of lightining would scream down from the clouds and light the sky with an eerie blue and inside the bus you could feel the power being unleashed all over the mountains crashes of thunder could be felt quickly followed by larger and larger blots of light ..

until finally the clouds rolled on past and the air was left fresh and clear

truly a blessing to be able to sit and watch such an incredible disply

happy travels the dafthermit

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