Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wee Hamish is 10 today (Death Of The Oil/Power Companies)

Hamish heard his granddad call him ,so grabbed his jacket and leapt down the stairs he loved days out with Tam.

Come on lad ,lets get going ,we have a good 2 hours before we reach the transport museum.
Sitting there Hamish was so happy ,he had wanted to visit the museum to see all the old cars etc and listen to his granddad tell him about when he was younger.. for so long

Toady was special for so many reasons he was 10 “nearly a man” his dad would say ..
Eventually they pulled up to some huge gates and a portly man leant into the car smiled, and handed a small brochure with tickets etc To Tam then stood back .
then the gates slowly began to open .
Tam watched and smiled as Hamish’s eyes nearly fell out.his mouth dropped as if in mid question and frozen it seemed for ever ,

In front of him he could see a huge ship and some massive buildings so much to take in and he could feel the questions bubbling up and turned to Tam
Ok lad ?. aye granddad this is amazing and with that he shot out the car and headed to the strange  building with some even stranger looking square things with long pipes hanging of the edge of them.
and the first of many questions
What what what is this place ?
Well,it’s ,what we used to call a garage forecourt ..
you had to pull into it next to those square things and with that he took Hamish over to the car sitting next to one and pulled the hose from its resting place and with a smile opened the flap and inserted it into the hole
What are you doing ?
this is how we used to fill up our cars .
what ?came the next question and face screwed up in total bemusement
well you pressed this and with that some liquid flowed out the pipe and began to fill the tank
with a click ,Tam explained that is it ,full ,
can we have a drive in the car ?
I.m not sure son
then he noticed a sticker
did you just drive off then?

Noooo, then we would go to that wee window and pay
What ???????
aye we used to have things called wallets
Wallets??? aye and in it you would carry your cash or card to pay
What ????
Tam looked inside the brochure and found some old fashioned money and with Hamish holding his hand went to the door and with a swoosh they entered and headed to the woman sat behind a desk in the corner
As he handed the money over
What are you doing ????
Well after you filled up as i said you then came here to pay for the fuel ,ahh granddad your just joking that’s silly !!!!
you mean you used to work to get money then hand it over the counter ???
Aye son

wow,you had it rough didn’t you granddad
aye !!!!!!!
Tam asked the lady if they could take the car for a drive and with a face like a slapped arse she grunted “NO”
Hamish looked at her and with a visible change she said
sorry no one has been allowed to start up a petrol car for over 10 years but if you are quick i will let you start it but only for a couple of moments
Tam was pulled out the door towards the car and with the words

hurry granddad ,he looked for the key and turned it
with that the engine roared into life Hamish jumped back completely startled
its ok son
then Hamish gathered himself and went to the rear of the car what’s that he asked ?
puzzled at first then he knew what the boy was pointing to
ahh that is the exhaust pipe
phheeeew it stinks !!!!!! granddad
The woman in the garage started to bang on the window and Tam could see she was scared
So with a smile and a wave he quickly switched the engine off..
Wow Wow

and with the attention span of all children worldwide they were now heading over to two huge steel erections standing alone reaching high into the sky
what, what ,how ,why ,is that ,woooow
eventually Hamish asked what are they granddad ?
Looking up at the old Pylons started to try and explain what they were

He noticed a small board with some pictures attached and explained to Hamish

These are what we used to call Pylons they were all over the countryside and in towns ,there were millions of them and they were used to carry electricity around the country to homes and business’s
see those huge cables stretched across them
Tam looked up and said aye granddad
Tam then saw Hamish look at a single picture and with a familiar face of disgust  and with the straight forward talk off a child

he said wow they were so ugly

you all had it rough granddad,, they were so awful stretching out and destroying the views ….
crazy crazy granddad !!!!

Aye son it certainly was crazy
and again Tam noticed a huge Ship and off they went

The ship stretched out in front off them 1/4 mile and longer
Tam guessed the next question and started to explain that these huge ships and there were thousands of them plying the ocean they were used to carry crude oil
and yes they were dangerous and many times they ran aground and destroyed the ocean and the beach and killed millions of birds and wildlife of all kinds
Hamish pointed to some building to the right
they are what we used to call an oil refinery with fake smoke coming out the many chimney’s
He looked at Tam

The boy was just standing there in shock

are you ok lad

no granddad can we go please
this is horrible

aye son

i know what you mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thankfully Humans had stopped and some years ago had started to look around and realise the complete madness of the oil and power companies ,
“energy is all around us and is infinite throughout the universe “
the sheer disregard to the planet and more
Now Hamish and his kids would grow up on a world much cleaner
No more Pylons
No more huge oil tankers
No more oil refinery’s
No more garages
No wind farms
The planet now had changed beyond all recognition

A small project called self power generation had started in Scotland and spread across the world

the idea was simple
that each and every building ,lamppost’s etc etc generated its own power from wind solar and much much more
simple clean and freed us all from the grid and endless power bills which the companies imposed on us all ..

The Dafthermit

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