Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Travelling light





Today i was reminded by a friend at the festival the importance of clearing negative energy.

I have always been a person that believes in travelling through life with as little excess baggage  as possible.

This includes all aspects of life

In this modern world with all its speed and choices it is easy to get swamped by it all and forget the important things in life …


Over the last few weeks i have let things pile on top of me to the point i felt there was no way out .. (So strange how it can creep up and take over)

But today i woke and breathed some highland air and set to to rectify all that has bogged me down and each step i take frees me more and more ..

Spiritual cleansing :

possessions :

the simplicity of life on this amazing planet

Monday, 26 October 2009

The Race For Perfection


                                                           THE RACE FOR PERFECTION

2009-03-21 daft hermit

To me a daft hermit that lives in an old bus high up in the Scottish highlands ,This endless striving for perfection will be the downfall off the human race ..

I believe it reaches into every aspect of our lives we fill our lives with things that are better things ,than the things we had last year

the new things seem to work better than the old things ,and they do so much more than the old things cant wait till the new thing comes out next week

Be it the perfect body, tele, car etc etc etc

If i look at the way medicine is taking us scares me the most :

I think within 50 years we as a humans will have been led down a terrifying path that will have no turning point ..

I believe our race for perfection will take us further and further from the natural world with all its Beauty, wonder ,smells , pain and death..

A world without  pain ????????????????:

Pain is natures way of saying something is wrong and we dismiss that at all our pearl

Pills that promise us ever faster and faster pain relief (instead of thinking our body is trying to tell us something,  we produce medicines that masks the pain which in the end will result in more and more damage to our body)

but i believe that the perfection way of thinking will eventually result in us doing away with the body altogether to be replaced by a robotic body no pain and we can update it yearly to the next improved model..

Darkness :

In a world that seems to be so scared of the darkness our cities flood the night sky with man made illumination so we can feel safe to wonder to the pub or visit the planetarium for a glimpse of beyond

again we mask nature and the real world to cover up our fear of the dark

I say go and stand in complete darkness and feel the fears dissolve away ,then look up and see the night sky with the endless stars uncovered from man made lights that blocks this wonder.


Smell :

It is time i believe that we learn to smell again and i don’t mean some lab formed scent

the smell of shit is natural we eat then we shit and we should return that to the earth ,instead it is sent to the shit factory to be blasted and then discharged into the river or the ocean along with all the toilet ducks and chemicals to mask the smell

we mask everything with false scented sprays

our bathrooms are filled with aerosols that take us to the mountain forest or the deep blue ocean spray

our bodies are covered in sprays

the smell of sweat is seen as disgusting far better to smell of some choking chemical ???


We draw it seems every day further and further away from the natural world


Born Live Die (that is the natural cycle)

The simplicity of life is also masked with glitz and hype smothered in chemicals to the point they have made everything so bloody complicated

But if you question it ,you are a nutter or told you should get a life

So to me i will stand in the dark and overcome my fear i will shit in the grass and smell the shit

I will leave that bit of dirt between my toes as a badge to nature ,organic or what ???

i will cope with the pain my 49 years of life has imposed on my body and i will gaze at the night sky and think i am so lucky to be alive and to be in an old rusty bus with all the imperfections of our life around us and learn to love the imperfect more than some false man made perfection..

The Dafthermit xx


Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wee Hamish is 10 today (Death Of The Oil/Power Companies)

Hamish heard his granddad call him ,so grabbed his jacket and leapt down the stairs he loved days out with Tam.

Come on lad ,lets get going ,we have a good 2 hours before we reach the transport museum.
Sitting there Hamish was so happy ,he had wanted to visit the museum to see all the old cars etc and listen to his granddad tell him about when he was younger.. for so long

Toady was special for so many reasons he was 10 “nearly a man” his dad would say ..
Eventually they pulled up to some huge gates and a portly man leant into the car smiled, and handed a small brochure with tickets etc To Tam then stood back .
then the gates slowly began to open .
Tam watched and smiled as Hamish’s eyes nearly fell out.his mouth dropped as if in mid question and frozen it seemed for ever ,

In front of him he could see a huge ship and some massive buildings so much to take in and he could feel the questions bubbling up and turned to Tam
Ok lad ?. aye granddad this is amazing and with that he shot out the car and headed to the strange  building with some even stranger looking square things with long pipes hanging of the edge of them.
and the first of many questions
What what what is this place ?
Well,it’s ,what we used to call a garage forecourt ..
you had to pull into it next to those square things and with that he took Hamish over to the car sitting next to one and pulled the hose from its resting place and with a smile opened the flap and inserted it into the hole
What are you doing ?
this is how we used to fill up our cars .
what ?came the next question and face screwed up in total bemusement
well you pressed this and with that some liquid flowed out the pipe and began to fill the tank
with a click ,Tam explained that is it ,full ,
can we have a drive in the car ?
I.m not sure son
then he noticed a sticker
did you just drive off then?

Noooo, then we would go to that wee window and pay
What ???????
aye we used to have things called wallets
Wallets??? aye and in it you would carry your cash or card to pay
What ????
Tam looked inside the brochure and found some old fashioned money and with Hamish holding his hand went to the door and with a swoosh they entered and headed to the woman sat behind a desk in the corner
As he handed the money over
What are you doing ????
Well after you filled up as i said you then came here to pay for the fuel ,ahh granddad your just joking that’s silly !!!!
you mean you used to work to get money then hand it over the counter ???
Aye son

wow,you had it rough didn’t you granddad
aye !!!!!!!
Tam asked the lady if they could take the car for a drive and with a face like a slapped arse she grunted “NO”
Hamish looked at her and with a visible change she said
sorry no one has been allowed to start up a petrol car for over 10 years but if you are quick i will let you start it but only for a couple of moments
Tam was pulled out the door towards the car and with the words

hurry granddad ,he looked for the key and turned it
with that the engine roared into life Hamish jumped back completely startled
its ok son
then Hamish gathered himself and went to the rear of the car what’s that he asked ?
puzzled at first then he knew what the boy was pointing to
ahh that is the exhaust pipe
phheeeew it stinks !!!!!! granddad
The woman in the garage started to bang on the window and Tam could see she was scared
So with a smile and a wave he quickly switched the engine off..
Wow Wow

and with the attention span of all children worldwide they were now heading over to two huge steel erections standing alone reaching high into the sky
what, what ,how ,why ,is that ,woooow
eventually Hamish asked what are they granddad ?
Looking up at the old Pylons started to try and explain what they were

He noticed a small board with some pictures attached and explained to Hamish

These are what we used to call Pylons they were all over the countryside and in towns ,there were millions of them and they were used to carry electricity around the country to homes and business’s
see those huge cables stretched across them
Tam looked up and said aye granddad
Tam then saw Hamish look at a single picture and with a familiar face of disgust  and with the straight forward talk off a child

he said wow they were so ugly

you all had it rough granddad,, they were so awful stretching out and destroying the views ….
crazy crazy granddad !!!!

Aye son it certainly was crazy
and again Tam noticed a huge Ship and off they went

The ship stretched out in front off them 1/4 mile and longer
Tam guessed the next question and started to explain that these huge ships and there were thousands of them plying the ocean they were used to carry crude oil
and yes they were dangerous and many times they ran aground and destroyed the ocean and the beach and killed millions of birds and wildlife of all kinds
Hamish pointed to some building to the right
they are what we used to call an oil refinery with fake smoke coming out the many chimney’s
He looked at Tam

The boy was just standing there in shock

are you ok lad

no granddad can we go please
this is horrible

aye son

i know what you mean !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thankfully Humans had stopped and some years ago had started to look around and realise the complete madness of the oil and power companies ,
“energy is all around us and is infinite throughout the universe “
the sheer disregard to the planet and more
Now Hamish and his kids would grow up on a world much cleaner
No more Pylons
No more huge oil tankers
No more oil refinery’s
No more garages
No wind farms
The planet now had changed beyond all recognition

A small project called self power generation had started in Scotland and spread across the world

the idea was simple
that each and every building ,lamppost’s etc etc generated its own power from wind solar and much much more
simple clean and freed us all from the grid and endless power bills which the companies imposed on us all ..

The Dafthermit

This post is in responce to Blog Action Day click here to visit them

Monday, 12 October 2009

SOD IT DAY (12th of Oct)

                                                              “a campaign to regain some bloody sanity”
There seems to be a day for every bloody thing under the sun …..
Well i claim the 12th Oct as “SOD IT DAY” a day we are able to claim back from the bull shitters in this world ..
On this day anyone caught handing out bullshit will be dragged to the town square and chained to the sod it post..
fence post 004
as an example This will include anyone caught talking about xmas in sep
Over the years they have slowly destroyed this festive time of the year ,they have turned the whole thing into an excuse for greed and more greed excess to the limit
no sooner is the last brussel sprout entered your gob ,than they are bombarding us with January sales then its Summer holidays all before we get to the end of the year
bullshit i say they have robbed us of a time for reflection…..

So in the name of all the people sick to death of bullshit lets claim the 12th Oct each year as a day to gain our sanity back…
a day of reflection
a day of action
a bullshit free day

The dafthermit

The Pigs With Their Noses In The Trough (Money and; Image The Destroyers Of Democracy )

2009-03-21 daft hermit
Waking up today and switching on the radio ,I see the pigs at the UK houses of parliament are at it again more expense’s scandals..
They the people who are elected to lead the nation ,but from day one at the house are more interested in lining their own pockets already with one eye on the day they are booted out
For the next load of pigs to file in promising us all a better world and a fairer government one that will listen to the people
Complete bull shit..
This is no democracy we all live in ,we are dictated to by the pigs as they lift their heads up out of the trough for a brief second
to spout out some crap they have decided we should all obey then with a yeah ,yeah
And with some caviar dripping from their over stuffed gobs
It is head down and pig ON…
Not some sandwiches but a three coarse meal “oh put it on expenses..”
Watch as they enter the house and over the next few years they start to appear in designer suits getting more and more manicured
If you take the case of smokers ,you can see right through their waffle
We no more live in a true democracy than the people of North Korea or the people that lived in Natzi Germany.
For a true democracy there has to be choice if you don’t smoke fine …
You take the first three carriages with a conductor that refrains from the evil weed ..

But for those of us that CHOOSE to smoke we have the last three carriages to enjoy our fags in peace .
same for pubs etc etc etc …………………
We are bombarded with images of how terrible it is to smoke ,even to the point that they use a child on screen begging his parents to stop puffing..
Well sod YOU i will carry on smoking till the day i drop
And you carry on taking your wee pills from the chemist ?
This attitude prevails all our society
Footballers with their obscene wages, nancy about and rub their wealth into the faces of the people who obediently  pay for the next away/home/strip
and ever increasing ticket prices .. drain the last few coffers from peoples pockets so they can drive the latest super car..
With their sanitisation of all in our nation they have stripped us of our passion
When i was a kid the thought of one day being able to walk onto Hampden Park and pull on a SCOTTISH shirt (without the mention of money)and play for my nation filled me with pride and for a brief moment all the stupidity of the in fighting between visiting teams was forgotten and the nation came together
Even when Scotland was getting hammered by some incredible team the singing would ring out in support because you could see the players where putting everything into the game
At the end of most games you would see players strewn across the park on the ground totally exhausted and still the fans would sing on

You would watch the winning team leave the field wondering “did we not just win “
Now they are paid vast sums of money and the passion has gone they are more worried about breaking a nail and how will that look in their next million pound ad for some aftershave or whatever bull shit they endorse to try and sell us ..
Until the day when these people truly lead by example we are forced to live in a world full of greed and insane laws forced to listen to double standards spew out of the gutter that is their collective party 
The day when a politician stands up and says i am happy to get £500 a week and do what i can for my nation and the world
The day when a footballer says he will take £1000 a week and no more (cant have him totally roughing it,he has to still have his moisturiser )
When this day comes truly will things change and the old passion for politics and football along with so much else in all our lives be reinstated and we can come together and change the world.
Creativity my medication against and insane and heartless world…

The Dafthermit

Reflection on thoughts:

In a nation and a world that daily gets more and more plastic and realness is a thing designated to the pages of history
I still believe that to see if your spirit is true then stand in the wild and see if the wildlife respects and trusts you.
We have deer wander through our wee homestead and to stand a few feet from them and look into their eyes you see the real world and what we could all have not some wii made up existence…
So as you stand before me and preach your crap REMEBER some of us are still true to life and see right through your made up exterior for the pig that hides and attacks within.
Remember some of us have retained a brain and feelings
Remember too YOU WILL NEVER make us believe your crap..
So take your whiter than white powder your Eastenders and your wii and sod off ……….

Saturday, 10 October 2009

A Land where waterfalls and spirits come alive during the night

highlands 001
To wake up in the morning and gaze out across the glen and spot some waterfalls that have been born during the night is simply a wonder to me
Some days as many as nine or ten new waterfalls have appeared and to listen to the combined noise reminds off the highlands trains that used to roar passed
on their nightly journey north ,when i was a kid in the wee village on the Clyde called Cardross
On a night when the moist soaked clouds are laying on the floor as if exhausted from there journey up the side of the mountain
Strange unknown noises echo inside the cloud as if trapped by some invisible force and your imagination runs wild
from within the cloud and with droplets of water dripping from my face and ears,
somewhere i swear i hear the muffled sound of a piper then another until the whole glen reverberates to the haunting melody of a long long forgotten tune …

The feeling of the cloud as it raps its damp cloak around you sending an involuntary shudder throughout your body ,
the smell off the wood burner drifts past
calls seem to emerge from the flue pipe on the roof of our home ,carried by the sweet smell of wood smoke
as if saying come, come sit with me
warm yourself by my glass door.
another night has passed in the wonderland that is the Scottish highlands
soon the winter will be here, and how i long for it …..
aultguish arrival 012-1

the Dafthermit

Friday, 9 October 2009

Some old geezers and the confessions of a Carpenter (The Bible)

                mel sunset
As we enter a new century ,the 21st and time stretches out before us
on this wonderful journey of life.
Full of excitement at the turns and twists ahead
The joy of expanding our personal learning and seeking new and forgotten Knowledge.
I can’t help wander about a wee book i have picked up and read many times
and lain it back down
with the hairs on my neck at full stretch at the words and images contained within it.
That book being the bible ,
If for a single moment you forget all the religion and the negative things this single best selling book has gathered throughout the century’s
If you put it in another cover people would be amazed at the stories etc within.
As i say forget if you will that Jesus was the son of god and think that a wee man walked the earth 2000 years ago and we still talk about him…

If you think of a single story held within the covers
A wee man called Noah walked  the earth ,
Now image him walking the earth today warning us all of things ahead we have to heed or ignore at our peril how would we react to him?????

Well to me as a daft wee old hermit ,in my rusty we bus
The thing that scares me so much is that:

With all the trappings of the modern world that we surround our self with as if to insulate us from real life
we have not moved a single iota to advancing our  soul, spirit ,essence of being a human
We are no different from people that walked the earth 2000 years and more ago in fact we have become more selfish and greedy.
So quickly we turn on people that have visions dreams or simply have the time to think shit, what is coming our way ….

So just as Noah no doubt had people laugh and jeer him as he prepared
“I see Noah’s been gathering more wood what a nutter”
Hey Noah were is this flood LOL,

So today people that have the vision for a better world are hounded
and people that able to look with a clear vision at where we are heading ,
are mocked attacked and killed by the mindless cretin’s.for want of a better word evil prevails ..
But across the world people that care and have the foresight to look and learn
Are seeking a better way ,a path full of light love and happiness

so while you mock kill and look down on the good people .i pray that one day you take a wee moment to just stand and think
So on the day that Obama gets the peace prize and then bombs the moon ???
peace love and light to you all may this coming day be filled with love laughter and joy

The Dafthermit x

N.A.S.A To Bomb the moon

LCROSS Lunar Impact
7:31 a.m. EDT/4:31 a.m. PDT
Friday Oct. 9

                                                         N.A.S.A to bomb the moon

Click here to visit the official nasa site

What are we doing????????????????????????????????????????

Thursday, 8 October 2009




These are the two teenagers who flung themselves to their deaths from a 125ft bridge in a suicide pact.

Georgia Rowe, 14, and Neve Lafferty, 15, were killed when they sneaked away from their rooms and leapt from the Erskine Bridge, near Glasgow.
The girls, who posted these pictures on their Bebo pages, were pupils at an education unit for girls with emotional and behavioural problems
Tributes poured in last night for the pair.

A friend of 14-year-old Georgia, from Hull, wrote: 'I'll never forget your wee cheeky smile * such a beautiful wee face. I'm sorry pal.'
The teenagers, who were at a residential school together, held hands as they fell 38m (125ft) from the Erskine Bridge near Glasgow on Sunday night.
Both Neve, from Helensburgh in Argyll, and Georgia, from Hull, were pupils at the Good Shepherd Centre, an education unit for girls with emotional and behavioural problems.
The Christian-run secure unit is about 5km (3 miles) from the river crossing.
A Good Shepherd spokesman said the girls arrived at the centre about two months ago and had been on 'apparently happy and productive' weekend outings with relatives before the incident.
Police said inquiries would continue but there were no suspicious circumstances.

This story shocked me to the core ,once again we have to witness the needless death of our young ..

As a person that survived a suicide attempt a few years back and a person that was raised in a unloving family it saddens me to think that even now we are in the 21st century we have made very little progress with this issue ..

When something like this happens all the usual things are hurled into the ring
the easy way out
etc etc etc etc

Hardly surprising that people feel unable to talk about the fact that they are near breaking point ,and don’t be fooled into thinking it could or would never happen to you anyone with a heart and soul has a breaking point..
It is my belief we need more people that have felt and been through these emotions to be councillors and not someone who has the paperwork from theory sat at some uni or other..

I remember when i tried to end it all i was so lucky to have met an understanding copper that helped me so much

But when i was taken to the hospital i sat behind some plastic curtain and heard a couple off nurses say “ we have better things to do than deal with that”
needless to say i got up and left them to sort out the guy with a splinter in his finger ..

i hope that the hospitals have moved on ,but you will never see me in one..

so i would just like to say to the wee lasses that i pray you are both free from the pain and may you reach love light and happiness

the Dafthermit ..

Just for you Angela x

Some time ago a friend who is a teacher in New York asked to use some of my pictures in their school's year book the theme being metamorphisis ,she wants to show my work to her students today so for you angel here is some of my work,I love the fact that a wee picture i took here in the Scottish highlands will be on a big screen in New York

Love and peace my friend x

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Time to retreat

                                                 TIME TO RETREAT
A few things have happened over the last week or so, that have deeply disturbed me and that has made me think about this whole on line thing.I know i have mentioned this before but the time to act is here and slowly i am deleting all my stuff from various sites
So with deepest regrets ,i have made up my mind   to pull back and retreat to my hermit hideaway i will be closing down all my accounts on line this includes twitter,facebook myspace etc …

I have after much thought and talking to Mel come to the conclusion  that i should keep two blogs running purely to add mine and Mel’s story plus my pictures

I am sorry if anyone things i am making the wrong choice but i can no longer handle the crazies on line, nor do i want to spend my life dealing with deal with it anymore ..
i want to devote more time to the simple life all around us … i want to make sure my wife is ok
So peace light and happiness to you all from the hermits in the wee bus …..

Saturday, 3 October 2009

I’ve won the lottery !!!!!!

Yeah i thought that title might get you over for a wee look at the hermits writings..
Mountain Pass (4)-2
To me the coming of the lottery a few years back was another con bestowed on us all,
then i watched as they then added another day and yet another forcing people to pay out more and more for fear that the day they didn’t do it their numbers would come up…

As you may already have worked out i have never bought a lottery ticket and never will i ,as in the film THE ISLAND the chase of that dream is a false one ..

To this daft old hermit I HAVE WON the lottery

to be able to stand out side my wee home that i paid £900 for a few years back
and listen as all around a storm rolls in from the Atlantic 
wind sweeping up the glen and on them the smell of the ocean the noise the feel of the driven rain the feeling of being alive and close to the earth
the joy that i am able to revel in mother earths sheer power .

Yeah my friend i have won the LOTTERY !!!!!
To taste the wind
the salt that until a few hours ago was a new born wave far out in the Atlantic
then as the power whips and stirs the sea into a fury,
and on ever increasing salty  waves that then head west ward to the mountains of Scotland and my wee home high up nestled in a wee glen sheltered from the worst of the weather ….

Yes my friend i have won the Lottery !!!!
To feel the force of the wind ,to lean into it ,and almost horizontal to stay at the spot you have chosen …
then as if in fun the wind Stops and over you go inevitably into a puddle
to climb back to your feet and try to face up to  the power of the wind again…

Yes my friend i have won the Lottery ..
To stand at the edge of a clear mountain river and the gently let myself fall ,fall and enter the water and feel the water surround me and take me to its hidden depths
to see so called weeds flow this way and that
with the hidden currents
to taste the water
no chemicals
to rise again from the depths and gaze across the heather filled glen and see a snow covered mountain in the distance

Yes my friend i have won the lottery …………………
To be able to lay in a wood covered glen
and feel the moss all around me
to be able to lean over and put my nose to a wee flower and smell the perfume from mother earth
to watch as a passing bee busies its self gathering nectar
to watch as a passing butterfly lands and drinks on a rock then
in awe watch as it open’s its wings to reveal hidden colours ….


Yes my friend i have won the lottery …….

to watch the first fall of snow
to see magical snow flakes gently land in there unimaginable variety in shape and size
to feel the snow between my toes
to feel air of the winter freshness fill my lungs
to see skies that are bluer than blue
to dance and sing in our wee glen
to hold the one i love and gaze

Yes my friend i Have won the lottery
To wake up in the morning and nothing has fallen off
to wake
and everything still works


Friday, 2 October 2009



Freedom ,Freedom to me is on so many levels but i reckon the four below are a good point to start this journey of discovery..
To reach a state of harmony within our short life span here on Earth is surely all our goals ,i know it is mine to find and maintain a balance of the true journey not some man made one ,imposed on us .
This is one ,most of us in the west are able to achieve :
On the whole we are able to walk about and not be picked up by snatch squads etc ,of course i know that our governments step over the mark many times but on the whole we are free on the physical level we are not sat in some jail ,rotting as so many people are all across the planet..
yes i realise some people are and we must fight for them to be set free.
I say this as a traveller that has been imprisoned simply for being a traveller on several occasions .and took may beatings from the police ,i still believe though compared to a lot of countries around the world on the whole we are physically free ..
On another  level  even our own bodies and minds can and does imprison us .if we allow it to happen..

                                               Emotional freedom

This to me is one of the hardest things to achieve , but myself and Mel chose to lead our lives away from people
To many times our hand of friendship has gone out only to be bitten ,we have been left homeless and penniless simply for trying to help someone ,well sorry .now we have control and where possible will not allow this happen again…
To deal with people that think they can use us to release their anger, jealousy or whatever pent up emotion onto us simply WILL not happen again.

So i guess for the first time we are both emotionally free at last ..

                                                 Spiritual Freedom

Like a lot of people i have often asked questions like :
What is it all about ?
How can this be ? etc etc

To me as a Dafthermit i am so happy that i have now found so many answers to MY questions

The first one and to the most important is not to look to man or their churches for the answers
Because you will only be told the bull shit they want you to know so they can keep filling there church coffers with even more money..

The answers to so many of our questions are all around. if only we would take the time to look

To me sitting looking at a wee flower fills my heart with joy and hope ..

Autumn meander 030
Like the picture i was able to capture above

the sheer beauty of the flower with the amazing colours and shapes the variety of life nestled on it
the complete perfection of a simply fly with wings  so delicate you are able to see right through them
the gold’s the yellows the whites nature has so many answers just look…

So at the age of 49
I am able to say i have reached spiritual freedom
my spirit is free and long may it be

and finally
                                                Financial Freedom

This to me is the simplest and i wish the rest were as easy to achieve
We are born on the stunning planet a globe filled with awe and majesty
but from our very first breathe we are told and shown absolute  crap…..

We are conditioned to believe we must get a job then buy a house then save for when we retire

Our own parents that have already been brainwashed into this whole thing

They if you are lucky?
save for a deposit that you as the child will one day be able to put down on a 4 bed roomed 2 reception roomed house then spend the next 30 40 years paying ,madness.

We encourage our kids to go to University and study hard then leave with on average a debt of £15.000 To £20.000 . madness

And if you don’t follow this path you are deemed a failure ?????????????????

Well i’m sorry but at the age of 50 both myself and Mel owe nothing to no one we have no debt and are thus FREE in my daft little world ???

To me to be able to achieve 1 ,2 ,3 or all 4 things is my goal..

But to knock someone that has achieved one or more of these goals is both foolish and selfish
in my world

it is they easiest thing in the world to knock or as me and Mel call it the ping syndrome

ping we will do this
ping we will do that
ping ping ping
enough is enough ;lets stop talking and start doing i say

freedom to all the people of the world

free to love, travel and explore this stunningly beautiful world
don’t let anyone be it a person or a government
stop you going for your goal

love and peace the Dafthermit ….

Freedom can not mean disregarding respect for both the planet or people

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Andy the Daft Hermit lives 45 minutes outside Inverness with his wife Mel in an old bus parked in a layby. This current home of theirs is the longest they have ever stayed in one spot. “I’ve been travelling now 25 years,” said Andy Lowe. “Mel’s been travelling 15. One of the reasons we’ve come and stayed up here is because of Mel’s health. I wanted to bring her to the mountains for fresh air and clean water and just a slower pace of life.” Mel has had breast cancer twice, skin cancer once, and for three years believed she had bone cancer after being wrongly diagnosed. Andy’s belief in the restorative powers of the north made them pack up ‘The Black Bus’ that they live in and cross the border into Scotland. New Highland home for hermit couple Andy and Mel “I think we both believe in trying to get to a more simple way of life,” said Andy, “but it’s strange for us because we are sort of hermits, or we like to live separate, but it’s not being anti-social… it’s just the way we are that allows us to be creative.” Andy first began travelling when he left the army. Fed up with bureaucracy he packed a rucksack and left for France and has been travelling ever since. By investing any money the couple have earned into solar panels and wind generators they now live a self-sustaining existence, without electric bills, and collect rain water “straight from Heaven”. “It’s not easy,” said Mel. “There might be time when there might not be enough facilities around, but you always find a way, you know?” Rather than rejecting technology, Andy blogs about his travels online and collaborates with artists from around the world via his ‘Scratchy Heid Film Studio’, which he runs from a static trailer next to the couple’s bus. He explained his philosophy: “My belief is that if you can go through life and you drop dead and you’ve got a balance there that slightly outweighs the good than the bad, you’ve done alright. “Yesterday, with what Mel’s been through with the cancer and all that, I had a woman on one of my sites there that thanked me for the writing, for the positive things, and to me that’s worth everything. You can keep your millions, we’re not interested. That is what we do.” To check out Andy’s artwork and video projects check out his website. MORE FROM THE NORTH

Loch Ness film festival

Loch Ness film festival
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Scottish Independence TV
This group has been set up to raise awareness of Scottish Independence in the run up to the 2014 referendum. We also welcome groups that support Palestine, Wales, Catalonia, The Basque and a United Ireland. We promote healthy debate on this group feel free to add your friends or anyone you think may be interested in the topics discussed here. We will also be setting up a youtube channel so anyone who can make decent videos message the admin. Twitter accounts and Blogspot pages will also be linked to this group so watch this space! Saor Alba!


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