Thursday, 14 January 2010

Customer Bloody service ,rudeness etc a rant by the dafthermit so DONT read this if you are offended by bad language ….what a bloody 48 hours

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Firstly because i chose to try to lead a simple life in NO way makes me bloody SIMPLE and if you think that you will think again as you go flying through the bloody air with my boot up your arse

Monday started great as always here in the mountains it was our monthly drug run to get Mel’s meds from the doctors in Ullapool..

I went outside to check the truck and noticed the rear inside tyre was flat SHIT then when i checked the wind turbine as we have had 48 hours of howling gales i noticed it on its side two of the blades were broken off SHIT SHIT

But the important thing was to get Mel to the doctors to get her meds so i managed to limp the truck down to Braemore Junction, flat ground and out of the cold wind  and set to changing the wheel on the truck.

After about half an hour it was all done and of we went the thought of the damaged wind turbine still in my head then i tried to shake it and enjoy the trip to Ullapool just as we started up the final hill before journeys end i noticed a couple at the side off the road stuck and shovelling like mad i pulled over and hit the hazards to see if i could help in any way..

They explained they had been trying for a couple of hours to get out but with no success i got the chains and after a wee struggle managed to get them out and onto the road

by now a few cars and a truck had stopped and with the road blocked i watched as some BLOODY idiot pulled out and barged passed almost catching my leg and with the two idiots looking and i swear they were dribbling as they mumbled on their way ..

I went to the rear off the truck and noticed that the chains had snapped agh that is three ( these things always come in three as they say~~)

with thanks and happy smiles we headed of on our way

small world, turns out that Molly the woman we had helped is the receptionist in the doctors

Mel was embarrassed as Molly explained to everyone that this was the woman that had stopped to help

After getting our meds we headed to The shops when i noticed the air filter damaged and hanging off well maybe it was these things happen in fours so i picked it up and stashed it in the truck another wee job on the list

Anyway eventually we limped home exhausted and only to glad to get the burner going and a hot cup of coffee in my hand the world seemed at peace again ..

tired but happy the next day we had to go to Dingwall and had ordered some wood so we headed of early so as not to miss the guy

Getting our baccy from the shop we were given a lecture about the damage that smoking can do to you

Being the people we are, we just grunted and headed off ,

Bye now my temper and rage was building and i am fed up to say the least at the complete rudeness of some gits about

I say i come into your shop you idiot and buy something ,then i am helping to cover your bloody wages and i am not willing to listen to anyone tell me their opinion as i buy whatever i decide to get so keep you thoughts to yourself and just hand me the goods .

I reckon though if you keep quiet and are polite in this country you are walked right over and treated like shit talked down to and worse as the recent spates of stabbings and beatings that have happened prove

then the wood man turned up i was in the horsebox trying to get some work done

Mel knocked on the door and explained that he was there so i got the money out to pay for this load and the one before £220 ( what an idiot but i thought it was good to throw some business his way )

First he moaned that we STILL HAVE SOME WOOD

then ignored Mel and dumped the wood on the track ( bloody spent weeks clearing it )

then mumbled something about us all being in the same boat and had a dig about the petrol genny

Well i say sod him and we will never get wood from you again (probably a good thing to get of my arse and get my own )

What the hell is wrong with people, god there was a time as a customer you were valued not now they think they have the bloody right to have a go and off load their shit onto you well this daft old hermit has had enough of that shit and it is time to stand and shout and if that intimidates you sod it  

peace and light one pissed off hermit






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