Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Final Leap two Monarchs

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With the North wind howling outside it is lovely to have my feet resting near to the burner on a wee log and dreaming the dream of days gone bye..
A wee story comes to mind of a day by the river ,not long ago
So as the snow outside retreats up the ben ,no longer a carpet of pure white snow more a thread bare rug discarded across the glen.

let me tell you of a day in the magical mountains of SCOTLAND.

As i made my way down the moss covered bank i pushed gently on the silver birch branch in front of me..
I knew at once this was a place i wanted to sit and watch a while
a wee golden pool at the foot of a waterfall was visible through the wood lined banks
The silver birch was in full leafed splender  and here and there spindly branches leaned out across the peaty water and dipped there tips into the warm water.
The sky above was filled with a moon so large that it felt you could leap on it and go for a night ride across the sky .
the wee river leading from the pool was bubbling and dancing around large rocks in it’s way under the moon light
as i made my way to the edge of the pool i could see some slight movement from the surface of the pool so i carefully took my seat and focused on the spot
for the next couple of seconds nothing stirred in this wee piece of heaven ,then YES
i was sure it is .it is a salmon one of the monarchs of the mountains a fish that i believe embodies all about us Scots.
a great wanderer a fighter and such passion to reach the place of its birth

So as i sat there every nerve a tingle ,the joy at being able to witness the return of this great fish
his head out of the water looking at the waterfall for the way forward over this last great barrier to the pool of his birth less than 20 yards away.
The journey he had just completed seemed to flash in his eye a journey off thousands of oceanic miles or more, perils and dangers than he cared not to think off,the day he had finally spotted the river estuary  but he had made it and with a final sum of his energy he knew he would be there soon..
he seemed to gaze at me for a split second then with all his reserved energy he began to climb out of the water twisting this way and that in an effort to release all the energy at one single explosion and almost as if in slow motion he gained high first one foot then another and just as it seemed he would make it he fell backwards into the pool
I watched as for a couple of minutes no movement on the pool i feared he had used all his energy and with a hint off sadness i looked to the moon still beaming still beaming how many times had you seen this journey i thought .
Then a slight movement in the golden bubbly waters and i knew he was back (like i said a true SCOT) the battle was not over and with an even more dramatic burst of power he leapt clean 3 foot in the air and with the moon shinning brighter as if in encouragement a final splash at the surface he made it and with a quick glance backwards to me he headed to the pool of his birth there in the magical mountains of the northern country of Scotland..

then from nowhere fish first one or two then what seemed hundreds filled the pool and started to scale the waterfall from all angles fish leapt and failed the jump then more would leap and some succeeded this seem to send more and more hope until they seemed to take the barrier in their stride but a few with every ounce of energy spent drifted to the bank DEAD and DYING  ..

at that moment i was about to get and go home when from the corner off my eye two huge yellow things seemed to fall from the sky
the moon was hidden behind a wandering cloud but still enough light escaped to allow me to see what it was
An eagle larger and more colourful than i have ever seen swooped legs stretched out talons at the ready ,wings folded back plummeted through the gap in the trees and with an amazing accuracy landed on one of the floundering fish and gently came to earth his meal well and truly secure
With a loud call that reverberated across the glen he tucked into his meal one monarch feeding another .the way it has always been

peace and light

the dafthermit x

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