Thursday, 21 January 2010

Life as a Hermit never busier and some thoughts on Haiti ,peace and light

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Waking today in my wee hermit retreat high in the mountains ,the wind is driving hard down the glen snow still covers the glens and bens ,the sheer joy and happiness of my life here ,but the strange thing is the more of a hermit and the more i retreat the busier i have become .
The realisation of how good my life is only pushes me on to want to share this with other people across the world
with what is going on in Haiti only confirms to me the need to be more self sufficient and NOT to rely on the large organisations in time of need .
I have watched along with so many of my friends as the disaster unfolds and the same mistakes are repeated over and over again
NEVER should the military be involved in the final point of distribution of aid as an ex R.E.M.E ( British army) and proud of it
The military are great at building the infrastructure ie roads and bridges etc and off course setting up some sort of security against looters and worse
but the regimented way of the forces makes them worse than useless when it comes to acting on the spur of the moment
I listened to a report from a reporter in Haiti near to the airport he was talking to some General in the US army and was explaining that less than 20 yards beyond the airport fence was a  camp of several hundreds of people and they had not been issued any food or supplies
the General look bemused and offered up some bullshit excuses etc etc and when he was pushed he agreed to look into it
In my belief he should have acted immediately and ordered some trucks with supplies to be issued immediately but the army does not work like that it has to go up the chain of command and that is why they should NEVER be in control of the AID
So let the forces do there job then another group like Merlin should have totally control of the out going aid
peace and light to all the people of Haiti and prayers to all the people that have got off their arse to help
on another subject i have now set up two blogs to deal with issues if feel strongly about
The first i have called SUNRISE1

One of the reasons i took up blogging a little over a year ago was the belief that the net has the ability to deliver what we all want
I for one am fed up with the way government’s drag their feet in times of need
I believe that if we all come together we CAN and will make a change happen
No longer will we hear people at times of disasters days later still without help
so join me on this wee journey as SUNRISE 1 takes off

Golden Days

Like the golden hour i believe in times of major disasters there is a thing called GOLDEN DAYS and over the years i have watched these events unfold and all to often you hear people talking that after 4 days they still have not received any help
Well if we can launch attacks on foreign lands in times of War then we must now put all our energy’s into making sure swift aid is delivered to places of need especially places out lying from the major cities
My dream is that through this little group i have decide to set up called SUNRISE 1 we will have a plane ready to go at a moments notice and through the combined effort of all bloggers we WILL make this happen..
The second is :
Blogging for Justice

Blogging for Justice

I have set this blog up to highlight injustices across the world
So if you want something added please email me at

i hope you will take a wee moment and have a look and let me know what you think

peace and light to you all

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