Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Sad News ( Bill McLaren Dies)

 I heard the sad news today that the great man had died
ever since i was a wee boy when ever i have heard him talking it has taken me back to my childhood and the times sitting by the fire with my grandad and waiting for the game to start then Bill would start his commentry and his passion made you believe that anything was possible no matter what team we faced that day we would show them our strength and hopes
goodnight Bill and much love to you for all the memories and for your passion for our wee nation sleep tight and keep looking as once again we will rise and one day win the  RUGBY WORLD CUP in your memory

 A Piece in the Guardian about the great Man click to visit the full story

Bill McLaren made his first appearance on national BBC radio in 1953. Photograph: Dave Rogers/Getty Images Sport
The rugby union commentator Bill McLaren has died aged 86. McLaren, from Hawick, was known as the "voice of rugby" after almost 50 years as a national broadcaster. He retired in 2002, having made his first appearance on national BBC radio in 1953.
He received an OBE, CBE and MBE for services to the sport and combined his work as a broadcaster with that of a PE teacher until 1987. He studied Physical Education in Aberdeen and coached several players who went on to play for Scotland, such as Jim Renwick, Colin Deans and Tony Stanger.
McLaren died this morning in the community hospital in his hometown of Hawick in the Scottish Borders. Hawick's club secretary, John Thorburn, led the tributes, saying: "We're devastated, obviously. We've got a room named after him at the rugby club. It was very close to his heart, Hawick rugby club. He's a huge loss to rugby worldwide."
Following his retirement, McLaren would still attend Hawick matches, though ill health prevented him continuing to do so more recently. "It was a big part of his life," Thorburn added.
The Scotland legend Gavin Hastings, who worked with McLaren, said: "First and foremost, Bill was a very proud and passionate Scot but such was his professionalism that you never really have known that. He always remained very unbiased in his commentary and I think that that was unquestionably one of his endearing qualities. He was just such a gentleman as well."
Speaking about his fondest memories of McLaren, Hastings said: "I will always remember I had the good fortune to be along side him in the commentary box on a number of occasions. One of the times that I will always remember being there, he said, 'Now son, if you want to speak, just tug away at my coat'.
"I was keen to say something so I kept tugging away at his coat for what seemed like about five minutes before he allowed me to speak. It was just the sort of passion of the man that he got so much into the game and that was just the way he was. He will be sadly missed. He was a wonderful commentator and he just brought the world of rugby into so many people's homes. He was a wonderful man. He was a real family man. He was known as the 'voice of rugby' and that probably will be his legacy."
Two of McLaren's grandchildren are professional rugby players: the Scotland and Gloucester scrum-half Rory Lawson and the Edinburgh utility back Jim Thompson.

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