Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Three Jobs

i was asked by email to put this post up as the person is looking to hit the road and go for their dream so Sam my friend i look forward to seeing you go for your dream
Sitting in my kitchen ,in my flat in Southampton i was tucking into my breakfast it was Sunday and i had the whole day to myself .
I had recently came back to England after a stay in France (another story)
I had found work through an driving agency
My first job of the day was to drive the agency van and take all the various workers to different contracts all over Hampshire (kippling’s etc) then i would take the minibus back to the office and then head over to UBM (builders supply company) and for the rest of the day i would deliver everything from copper pipes to complete heating systems .
Once i finished that i would head back to the office and after picking the mini bus up i would then be of again and pick up all the workers and take them home more than not i would then have to do an urgent job that had come into the agency i.e take a truck up to Luton or wherever .
Eventually i would crawl into bed and after asking my neighbour a lovely women called Jane to make sure i was up. i would be of again often only after grabbing an hour or 2 this had been going on for months .
Lifting the my cup to my mouth i realised it was empty and got up to put the kettle back on .
I had woke up feeling restless i was fed up living here the landlord was a complete git always after more money and constantly moaning at me
I decided after i had my breakfast i would go for a good long blat in my wee alfa romeo (loved that sports car ) and hopefully the restlessness would go.
Driving up the road out of Southampton leaving the city behind i headed onto the motorway and flooring the pedal shot up to over a 100mph and without a clue as to were i was going relaxed into my seat and started to enjoy the open road ..
I switched the radio on after an hour or so ,there was a thing on the radio something about Stonehenge ,police, and some new age travellers or something like that i decided to head down to see what all the fuss was about after a lovely drive (loved that wee car) i headed down the hill near Stonehenge i could see hundreds of people vehicles of all sorts of description’s buses trucks vans etc finding a place to parkup i locked the car and headed of to wonder about i spent an hour there talking to various people and then decided to head of back to Southampton the people i had met seemed very friendly but most of them i just thought were dirty drunken or drugged up bastards ( idiot)
By the time i got back to Southampton i was feeling better and ready to start work again in the morning i got into the bed and set the ALARM CLOCK and slid under the sheets .
The door bell went at a little after midnight it was the landlord that was the final straw after listening to him moan about some trivial thing i said i had to be up early for work he jus kept wittering on i shut the door on him and headed of to bed i could here him outside and got up again to see a note coming under the door after reading it i opened the door but he had gone
the letter basically told me i had 2 weeks to get out (later found out he found someone to pay more rent)
I never went to work the next i spend the day instead going round different friends to say i was of and to say everything was for sale i sold the car everything by the end of the day had gone all my mates said i was crazy to just head of but i wanted a change what i didn't know or even where i was going.
but god it felt good pulling that rucksack over my shoulder and calling craig my collie and slamming that door on the way out of that flat knowing i would never have to see that bastard landlord EVER again .
Heading down the road i am afraid i had a wee chuckle to myself knowing that sod would be letting himself in as usual and seeing the envelope i had left on the table addressed to him with the word rent in big letters across the front .i could see his grubby little hands ripping it open to then find nothing but a LARGE SHIT i had left him.
That night i put the tent up and after getting a fire together and making a brew snuggled into my sleeping bag with Craig at my side and for the first time in a long time i felt FREE and happy then drifted of to a magical sleep.

I woke up with craig licking my face (who needs an alarm clock)after a couple of minutes playing with him i crawled ou of the sleeping bag and looking out the front flap could see it was going to be another really warm day, if felt so good not to have to rush of to work.
i got a cup of coffee on the go and sorted some food out for CRAIG sitting there fag in one hand coffee in the other was complete bliss through the trees i could see the service station was really busy shouldn't have any trouble blagging a lift ..
around mid day i decided to get everything packed away and head up the road to who knows where.
I checked i had cleared all the surroundind area and throw the rucksack up and over and headed over to the service station..
I walked up to the main entrance and left my rucksack with craig tied to it by the door so i could keep an eye on them both and headed inside to get a good breakfast (well a breakfast anyway so bloody expensive and not to tasty )
I was sitting by the window tucking in when i saw a group of the dirtiest looking sods walk up to the door patting craig i thought one of them was going to look inside the rucksack and i was just about to get up when they all headed inside the door leaving craig to settle back down by the bag .
Putting the cup down onto the saucer and getting up to go i turned to see some one standing asking me if that was my dog he offered me a fag and i sat down again and had a really good chat i learned that they were all on there way to a festival at reading and Mark asked me if i wanted to come with them i hesitated a wee while then said i would love to..
After everyone finished we all headed across the tarmac to a coach .(marks bus and home)
walking up the stairs i can only say i was blown away there were what seemed like hundreds of people lying around drinking and smoking (hash as i was to find out later ,(totally straight at that time)
Mark climed in to the drivers seat and starting telling me more about the trouble he was having with loss of power with the bus after an hourr i had tightened up aan injector pipe and some other stuff the bus was running really well .
We pulled out the service station and headed out onto the motorway sitting by mark at the front of the bus i couln't help but wonder if it was ok to travel with this lot (looking back i am so happy to have met everyone at that service station and my LIFE would never be the same ever AGAIN .

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