Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Predator Drones ,Dear God where are we going ????

         Peace on Reflection by me the Dafthermit

Dear God what are we doing ?

Today i was just about to do a wee film about highland abstractions when all thoughts of this disappeared from my mind.
A story on radio four caught my attention click here to listen to it .

Basically it was about Drones in the battle field

180px-Northrop_Grumman_RQ-4_Global_Hawk_(210476312) 180px-CPonte_Predator2 180px-MQ-8B_Fire_Scout
among the guests was P.W. Singer talking about his book Wired for War.
this film on you tube will give you an idea of what is here now and what we all face in the future visit it here 
so on the day that
Obama kills moon program, endorses commercial space

stating it is to costly to travel to the moon and beyond in the same breathe he endorses BILLIONS of US dollars to the drone programme !!
so in one hand he destroys our dreams and leaves us only with more and more slaughter across our wonderful planet .
one figure from the radio programme was that Obama has signed off on more drone attacks in three months than Bush did in three years.
you are not wrong there but stuff this change i say.

A few months back i wrote a small piece on my blog 2050 about this very subject little realising how far along the road we have already come .
Since i heard Robert Oppenheimer state “Now i am become death,the destroyer of worlds” a line from Hindu scripture

i have always thought NO my friend we are going to go so far down the road of death and slaughter you have no idea..

as we head ,headlong into the 21st century fears as a small kid growing up in Scotland seem to be coming true faster and faster .

the films i have watched over the years like Terminator  with the tagline
“In the Year of Darkness, 2029, the rulers of this planet devised the ultimate plan. They would reshape the Future by changing the Past. The plan required something that felt no pity. No pain. No fear. Something unstoppable. They created 'THE TERMINATOR'

Visionary directors and writers have always warned us all of the path we are on
I believe that our dreams can so quickly turn into nightmare’s ,what we dream for the future we have the ability to make happen ..

So as men and women sit in their we rooms at Creech ,Nevada gazing at their screens of death and guide these drones to their targets for the day , i say not in my bloody name..

and with these things launching from bases here in the Uk ,who although we are in so much bloody debt here in the UK still manage to buy these god awful things i guess like the play ground we are still trying to keep up with the big boys

Another part of this disturbing programme was when an elder from a town in Pakistan that has had several of these drones attack his town on one instance  killing a mother and child ..
now the whole town lives in complete dread as these things approach guided by someone 7ooo miles away .
When questioned about mistakes that could be possible in launching attacks

the guy said that they were trained to an extremely high standard and that they could tell the difference between people going about there everyday business and those who were not .

he could tell if someone was acting strange by their movements

god help us all if he spots some kids playing hide and seek ,from afar this would look more then dodgy..

To me the fact that they are so far removed from the battlefield is what scares me so much
no sense of pain fear or the smell off death as someone’s head explodes with brains being dispelled over the ground
no not in today’s warfare the risk adverse generation with their whiter than white and highly pressed uniforms ..
one of the guys explained when asked how he copes with what he is doing said

“ i have a drive of 45mins to switch over to family mode “
GOD help us all ..
This whole video warfare has to stop or at least have some effects on the guys pushing the buttons

I reckon as he launches the attack a small parcel by the side of the screen should explode on contact

showering him in guts brains puke and shit and a smell device should fire into his nose the smell of death and decay .
maybe only then will these so called WARRIORS be brought down to the reality of what they are doing..
it is only a small leapt before these things are turned on us failled to pay your tax

many thanks for taking the time to read my waffle

peace and light

the daft hermit

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