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The dream reader (Warty Mary) and what you do for friends ..

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This is a wee story that came oot a simple comment from a good friend:
Hi Andy & Mel :) xxx
Another year passes... So pleased to have you guys as part of my journey. I see from the video you guys have been enduring that weather. I have been thinking of you guys as the weather is quite crazy right now. I have a friend that is stranded in Scotland at the moment and his wife is worried he may not even get back for Christmas. We just got our first snow 2 days ago. I hope you are keeping warm. I had a very random dream last night that I visited you both and brought you a new shelf...??? I don't know what it means if anything but was good to see you both hehe :)
Have a wonderful season with the clan!!!
Much Love and Many Blessings to you both xxx
Julieanne xx

Hi Julieanne,

we are warm and cosy in the highlands enjoying this amazing winter , i hope your friends husband gets home for xmas .
much love light and happiness for you and your family this coming year xx

ps wee story aboot shelf bringers

After reading your comment about your dream i went off in search of the answer:

After asking around i was eventually told by Hamish my friend i should visit Warty Mary a wee woman of many many years ,that lives in the other glen at the foot of a huge waterfall and a small forest surrounding her small twig hoose
after a walk of 30 miles through six foot drifts the northern wind blowing sending  the temp to below –30 and  drifts of fluffy snow in all directions ..
I arrived at the old oak ivy covered door a huge head of a stag was the knocker
so gently i banged on the door at first ,but remembering some advice that Warty Mary was deaf i banged louder and louder until a shreeled voice screamed ok ,ok dinnay break my  knocker ….

I have to admit Michelle at this point i paniced and almost legged it back to the safety of our wee bus but i wanted to find the answer for my dear friend .
so i stood firm as the door creaked open , a head appeared and shouted What, What,what do you want as i was aboot to answer her
a huge black crow squaked and squeezed oot the opening and angrily headed off into the field beyond.

Stealing myself i said Mary
i was told you might be able to help me .Hamish sent me, at this she said och wee hamish mon in and have a wee warm by the fire son.
Sitting at the fire a wee dram on the table Mary leaned forward and asked what could she do

i said that a friend had had a dream
at that she leaned forward smoke from her pipe enveloped me and she whispered in my ear it is not me that can answer your question but my sister
Smelly Melly is the Dreamer
when the smoke cleared warty mary had gone for the first time i looked around the room
ever nook and cranny was stuffed with sticks masks pictures books and much much more ….

As i looked at the rug  my feet were resting  on it seemed to move i blinked and looked again but nothing i put it doon to the smoke and laughed inside.

i looked at the door wondering what i should do when a noise on the stairs clamped me firmly to the chair .

i couldn’t think what on earth could make such a noise my brain searched for answers then one popped  into my mind the sound was that off hundreds off tiny feet moving as one to the door i was starring at ..

smoke began to fill the room squeezing in through the gaps on the old door then the brass knob turned slowly and the door began to open .
I watched as what i thought had to be Smelly Melly glided into the room and with no arm or leg movement made her way to the large chair to the right of the log fire.
from under her cloak thousands of rats that had carried her in emerged and sat  and looked up at he woman
her arms reached out and she began to sprinkle what looked like bread saying eat, eat my wee friends .

She lowered herself into the chair and only then did she raise her face to look at me

I am Smelly Melly :                   TELL ME YOUR DREAM

at first i was unable to speak i just sat fixed on the vision in front of me

one eye starred at me changing colour at will
where the other eye should have been nothing but a dark empty space with what looked like moss on the edges
a steady stream of tobacco coloured dribbles ran doon her face and onto the red cloak where what looked like months of other dribbles had long since dried to form a dark crust on her shoulder.
her hair was thin spruce twigs with lichen embedded
She once again asked


and hurry up about it i am busy

this time
i explained Michelle about your dream

but before i could even finish she stood up and withoot looking at me the very colour draining from her face she screamed louder and louder as she flew oot the door all i heard was not the shelf
over and over again

so sorry my friend i haven’t been able to find the answer to your dream but will keep trying

love and light

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