Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Living off the grid and what it means to me……………

After some hate filled emails comments etc over the last few weeks i thought i would try and explain again why i live off grid ……..

Firstly i realise as humans we all live in a multitude of grids ie electric power grid ,emotional ,money banking etc . but for the purpose of this post i will be talking about living off the electrical grid ,wll mostly.
I have lived over the last 25 years in a multitude of homes everything from benders (tents)to buses cars boats etc
why did i choose this way of life ?
Well after serving in the British army i left and after several jobs i got to the stage where i was doing 3 jobs at once and one night i thought there has to be more than this and after selling or giving away most of my stuff i hit the road .
Over the last 25 years i have watched as the wonderful planet we all call home has been taken more and more for granted , i have watched as new towns and houses encroach on the countryside further and further until now it is hard to tell one town from its neighbour.
While travelling in my bus i have seen the numbers of huge pylons explode until now it is hard to find an area not spoiled by these ugly things and all to serve the needs of our ever increasing electrical demand ,

i live in the wonderful Scottish mountains and here the threat is real that one day all oor glens will be filled with wind farms to serve the villages of the highlands No. to serve the far of towns and cities.
I chose Not to be part of that and have for the last 25 years generated my own power today with the rise in technology it has got easier and easier , i believe strongly in local power supply i also believe it is all our responsibility to do this and not rely on the huge power companies to safe guard our land .
Living of the grid has become a way of life for me and over the years living this way has opened my eyes to so many things we all take for granted .
To attack someone for living of the grid because “ many millions of people have no choice as to living off the grid” is complete madness and is one of the most stupid arguments  i have heard , do you not eat food then, even though millions are starving.
As the electrical grid has expanded it has been responsible for more and more destruction of our environment and to sit and allow this to happen will shame this generation in the future .
Instead of attacking people that are trying to make a difference by living a simple and green life why don’t you simply SHUT UP. and save even more energy .
When it comes to the financial grid here also i have taken action some 20 years ago i sent back my credit cards ( after paying them off) i have no loans no hp and the result i live a happier life away from that  grid , to me the idea of a mortgage that you are forced to pay the house price over and over again simply to fill the bankers pockets is madness . my wee bus cost me £900 some 4 years ago and in it myself my 2 dogs and 2 cats live a free life , no need to worry about rising interest rates or vat rise.

I agree totally in the emotional grid as a human it is so important to be linked into other people across the planet that CARE…
peace and light

the Dafthermit

a wee fat uneducated git..

People that live off the grid cant be put into some wee box they are many and varied the reasons they have chosen this way of life

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