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Native American Indian

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Open your bloody eyes ( wee beastie in a bucket)


Last night was a lovely warm night up here in the mountains and sitting outside enjoying it i noticed a wee beastie in the water barrel struggling it’s wee legs flaying in an attempt to save itself ,i reached in and scooped it up and out and gently placed it on the ground.
Over the next few minutes i watched as it eagerly cleaned and dried itself its wings once again held stiff and out right the last small droplet of water expelled from its delicate body .
until with a wee leap it was once again able to be airborne
smiling as it gained height
i got up to go in and get my late night cup of coffee when a loud buzz approached i watched as the wee beastie dived at me and landing on my lip took a good hold and bit me ,then headed off up the glen..

As my lip began to swell i smiled at the lesson i had just been shown ..

Instinct ,life and survival all in a water barrel.
The news that has filtered in to us through our wee radio here in the tin can this week has really disturbed me and just like that wee beastie it feels as though sometimes we are all flaying around to survive and instead of using our brain which we have been gifted ,blessed or simply evolved with we resort to instinct and the mob mentality
rules and unsaid forms of behaviour from the distant primary school days come back to me and just like  bullies then ,bullies now wander the world ,the only difference is in the scale .

Anyone that has the guts to stand up and speak out are gunned down either verbally or with a hidden snipers bullet and again the world is plunged into the darkness..
while sitting at the carpark in Dingwall i watched as woman approached a massive smile beaming out
i opened the window and before i could say anything she smiled and began to thank me ,unsure what it was i had done i listened as she continued to thank me a wish there were more people around like me .
eventually i found out what i had done and it was simply that while driving into town i had stopped and let a load of cars out from a side road
Eventually she headed of to the shops waving and smiling
A little later Mel came out and told me that the woman had found her in the shop and while Mel was busy loading her bags told her that she had such a lovely husband..

To me and that woman for a wee moment the world seemed like a wonderful place and why
simply because someone takes the time to stop and let someone and out and then smiles are exchanged ..
We all need to open our eyes and speak out and simply say enough is enough we will not stand by as the bullies barge their way through life without a care for their fellow humans or the environment
I pray that one day we will all be blessed with a leader or a country that leads the way to a brighter world
as i said i listened to the radio and one report was about the crisis in Korea and the sinking of the south Korean ship over a month ago ..

Then a shudder of fear gripped my body as the reporter stated that America had informed the south that they would stand by them

again images of primary school days flooded my wee brain

we need leaders not bullies and people that simply follow the popular vote so that they can continue to have power
Image for a moment that The president of America took an approach of humility instead of beating his chest and went to the border of North and south Korea and let it be know he wanted to simply to talk to the leader of the north
like what happened here  with the IRA ,you will never win anything by simply trying to over power people with force and like what happened in Vietnam when you come up against people that believe in more than just money and burgers no matter how much force you use you will lose
The only way is to break away from the school yard and TALK TALK and when that fails talk talk again
If the president approached the border naked and ready to talk
the message that would send out would be far more powerful than all the attack helicopters and troops you could muster

Here in the UK some people  still have the belief that we rule the world still with images of that pink map and our long lost empires
so still we plough huge amounts of money into weapons etc money that we can not afford but we must keep up the pretence that we are a super power
like the wee guy in the play ground that is willing to do anything to be accepted into the gang ..
so sad and humiliating
The other main topic is the oil spill as it is described ( thoughts of a spilled cup of milk) funny how a few words can lessen something so serious

this is not a simply a spill it is a huge crisis possibly one of the largest we have had happen
will this make us all stop and question what we are doing .i think not as a person that once lived in the rat race and all that that brings time is simply the main issue
a quick look at the screen as you rush out the door a slice of toast hanging from your gob the bills that are on their way ,that never stop the new sofa the new tv the car payments ,the MORTGAGE
must be paid
but a quick grunt at the screen wow that is terrible
but rush rush and the daily battle numbs down any thoughts of what we are doing to the planet
This disaster will have effects far more reaching
that have not even been talked about .. YET..
So as i sit here in my wee tin can and write this waffle it drives me to wanting to change not only myself and my countless faults but everything around me i look for lessons in Nature and usually the answers are there as well ,but above all i hope for change
I pray that the world will grow up and think a little more mature than we did in our primary school days ….

peace and light
Andy the dafthermit x


Life from the smallest as yet undiscovered creature in the deepest ocean to the largest animal swimming our wonderful planet
we are all connected and if we mess up what to us seems small and of no matter WILL come back to haunt us all
if the next oil disaster happens in the Artic then all life on the planet will be affected , the Artic is the garden of the oceans

we must stop the oil drilling there NOW and for once put our planet first before our constant need to upgrade


Cry from the deep

Ullapool and Garve local business’s

Below is a wee list of the local companies and business’s here in the west of Scotland

IHS sustainable energy solutions        
Moving home                                      
Aerial and satellite                             
Leggat & Co accountants                    
Chimney specialists                             
The Aroma cafe                                   
Wild bird food                                     
Mobile marine service                         
Summer isles smoke house                  
The Achiltibuie Garden                       
Ewen’s private hire  coach and taxi   
Visit Scotland sustainable tourism      
Creative and active courses               
The Ceilidh Place                               
The Macphail Theatre                        
Ullapool Museum                                
Kishorn Seafood Bar                           
Ledgowan Lodge Hotel                                 www.ledgowanlodge.couk
Joinery specialists                              
Scottish fuels                                      
G.G Mackenzie contractors                
Laura’s Kitchen                                   
Strathpeffer Pavilion                          
Customised Home and office              
Garve and Achnasheen paper             

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Personal Development

This wee blog has been started by my good friend Catherine pop over and have a wee look if you get a minute

Personal Development

This blog has been created because I have a great love for personal growth. I am very driven, believe in making life magnificent and taking your life to the next level. I aim to "think outside the box". I want to share my experiences with others. Feel free to stop by and say hi. I would love to hear your experiences, big hugs Catherine :-

click here to visit here 

Hi Everyone

Wow, am so excited about this blog.  Am finally ready to start posting now, have been working very hard on it for the last few days and it's so gratifying when you manage to get things looking the way you want them to - I freakin rock!

I'd like to begin by share the link below with you.

Inspiration 365 Days a Year

I hope you enjoy it.

Keep rockin'.

Best wishes

Catherine :-)


Thursday, 13 May 2010

Golden Eagle ( my tribute to the GOLDEN EAGLE ) yet again the sods have killed more eagles and birds of prey

2009-02-24 aultguish arrival
eagle golden-eagle-2524[1]

Thanks Michelle for the link x

'Hotspots' for illegal poisoning of birds of prey are revealed

Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view image
Click on thumbnail to view image

Published Date: 17 March 2010
THE number of birds of prey being poisoned in Scotland has risen by more than a third over the past year, new figures have revealed.

Golden eagles and buzzards were among 27 birds killed in 22 recorded poisoning incidents in 2009, according to new figures from the Scottish Government.

New maps showing hotspots for raptor persecution show many of the deaths are centred around the parts of Scotland popular for shooting estates. The death toll marks a return to levels of 2007 after a drop in 2008 to 16 poisoned birds of prey.

Roseanna Cunningham, environment minister, said: "These figures are a wake-up call to those who thought bird poisonings were on the wane."

The dead birds included 19 buzzards, four red kites, two golden eagles, one tawny owl and one sea eagle. Tayside Police recorded the highest number of incidents, with nine confirmed poisonings.

The maps showed the distribution of poisonings across Scotland with cumulative totals over five years. The highest concentrations since 2005 were in central southern Scotland, the south east and parts of the eastern Highlands.

Carbofuran, an illegal pesticide, was used in the majority of cases, which experts warn poses a threat not only to birds of prey, but also to pets and even humans.

Ms Cunningham said: "This continued persecution of our precious wildlife is simply incomprehensible. Poisoning is an arbitrary method of killing which poses serious risks to other animals, and potentially people, in our countryside."

Duncan Orr-Ewing, head of species and land management for RSPB Scotland, said he blamed the "selfish actions of a minority" for damaging the "standing of the shooting industry", adding: "The number of illegal poisoning incidents discovered in 2009 is one of the highest on record. Experience tells us that this represents just a fraction of the true scale of this illegal activity, which persists with shocking regularity in some areas of Scotland."

He added that there was now ample evidence that poisonings were having a "significant" impact on the populations of some of Scotland's most iconic species, including the golden eagle.

Lord Hopetoun, director of the Scottish Rural Property and Business Association (SRPBA), said that wildlife crime "should not be tolerated and should be punished accordingly".

He added: "We remain committed to eradicating this scourge of our countryside. I am hugely disappointed that numbers have shown an increase, but, as with many forms of wildlife crime, increasing awareness of the issues will lead to a greater number of reported incidents and follow-up, with more police time dedicated to these types of offences."

Labour environment spokeswoman Elaine Murray said: "Since they came to power, the SNP have been soft on wildlife crime in Scotland and it is time they moved animal welfare issues higher up their agenda. In order to tackle poisonings, we have called for estates to be named and shamed where foul play is involved."

link to the story in the Scotsman click here

May 12 2010
THE deaths of three golden eagles in the Highlands of Scotland are being investigated by detectives, it was revealed today.
The eagles and a number of other birds of prey were found dead in the same area of East Sutherland during the past week.
They have been sent to Edinburgh for forensic analysis to establish whether the deaths were suspicious. It is not yet known whether the birds were poisoned.
Northern Constabulary officers are working on the investigation with the RSPB, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and the National Wildlife Crime Unit.
Police appealed for anyone with information about the deaths to contact them.
An SNH spokesman said: "We are aware of a current investigation by Northern Constabulary which potentially involves wildlife crime."
There have been many cases of eagles being poisoned around Scotland in recent years.
Last June, one was found dead in the Glen Orchy area of Argyll, having died from poisoning caused by toxic insecticide, while last July a poisoned eagle was found dead in Glen Esk in Angus.
Golden eagles live mainly on the open moorlands and mountains of the Highlands in Scotland, though a few are found in Cumbria.
An estimated 442 breeding pairs are in the UK.
They are threatened by habitat change and illegal killing and the RSPB lists them as birds of conservation concern.
An RSPB Scotland spokesman said: "Subject to confirmation by the authorities, this is an extremely serious incident.
"Our staff are working closely with the Northern Constabulary, the National Wildlife Crime Unit and Scottish Natural Heritage to assist with the police investigation."
Click here to find 
out more!
link to story in the Daily Record click here
Thoughts of the Dafthermit:

To me a wee daft fat bald git who lives in an old bus

The person and people that do this to OUR  Golden Eagles

should be dragged to the square in Inverness on a Saturday night

Their balls should be cut off dipped in poison and stuffed down their throats
and finally the talons from the eagle should be rammed up their arse

peace and light ……………………………….

From his nest high up on the south facing cliff an eagle watches as the sun rises in the east, slowly at first as if unsure it will make it up an over the mountain top.
 He had lived many years in these glens and mountains distant memories of his first tentative flight out and over the heather moorland  far below.
The early morning mist had receded grudgingly to the west and Ullapool far off
today was going to be a good day for the hunt …
by 11.00 0’clock the sun was beating down the skies were a blue of near perfection
He leaned forward on the nest and with one final look at the chicks gently rolled out and over the cliff edge .
Falling 10 feet then 20 he tumbled to the earth far below
but this master of the skies was playing with the air as a champion boxer toys with an opponent he knows he has mastered.
As the speed increased he gently unfurls one wing then the other and dips to his right and away from the cliff edge
The air rushed up and filled the full length of the wings..
Then all below stand in awe and look up at the master of the Scottish highland skies his full wingspan 6 feet and more .
His feathers golden ,his eyes a deep and knowing black .
A loud call that sets of across the distant glens that all Scots know .
To me as a scot whenever i have been away from Scotland ,the two things that would bring a tear to my eye and a longing to be home.
The sound of the bagpipes and the call of the Eagle ….
He set of across the glen to one of his favourite places to hunt

Passing over the river he swooped round sure he had spotted something to the edge of the river
letting the air escape from his wings he glided slowly downward till he was certain
A rabbit lay across a post an EASY meal on this sunny highland day ..

With yet another call ,this time to his partner high up  in the nest to let her know he had found some food ..

After a couple of mouth full’s of fresh meat he grasped the rabbit tightly in his mighty talons and leapt into the air ,happy that his family would feed well today …

A few powerful beats from his wings and within seconds he was soaring in an ever increasing circle gaining height faster and faster ,until he had enough height to simply soar to the cliff nest and his family ..
The calls between the family echoed out across the mountains all excited at the thought of the meal
He dipped his wing and headed to the nest
WHEN a pain the like he had never felt shot out and quickly enveloped his whole body ,unsure what was happening he struggled to stay in flight but then more pain filled his body until he lost control of his prey that plummeted to the ground .

He struggled to fly but with total loss of all his muscles his wings folded in a twisted wrap around his body
He called in desperation to his partner a scream this time
no magical call
simply pain and fear .

Then ,and no matter how hard he tried to stop it
the plunge to the ground and death began ..
A final call was quickly followed by a sound i hope to never hear ever again as long as i live ..
The Golden eagle lay on the ground his wings and legs at strange angles every bone has been smashed and a tiny whimper from him said he still tried to battle the poison within ..
High in the cliff the female darted from her nest and dash across the sky soon found her by his side ..
I watched as the female nudged him and called
but i could see his eyes had closed the poison had WON.
For the rest of the day and into the night the female let out call after call to her partner but as the sun rose in the morning she knew he had gone and with the chicks calling for food she had no choice  she had to go
so with a final SCREAM to MAN she grabbed the rabbit and headed to the nest .

………..May you continue to soar my friend safe and secure away from man ….

Article: Shocking death of golden eagle

Article: Fury as another golden eagle is poisoned

The Independent on Sunday
Article: Oldest known wild golden eagle dies on island of ...
The Independent on Sunday ;  August 16, 2009 ; 295 words ... News in brief :: BIRDLIFE The oldest known wild golden eagle in the UK has died, RSPB Scotland said yesterday. The eagle, which was found dead on the island of Jura off the west coast of Scotland, was 22 years old. It ...
The Scotsman
Article: Golden eagle is our national bird
The Scotsman ;  August 28, 2004 ; James Reynolds Environment Correspondent;  700+ words ... Until that point, the golden eagle - championed by Tory MSP ... Parliament calling for the golden eagle to be officially recognised ... Stuart Housden, director of RSPB Scotland, said: "The golden eagle is a very fitting species ...
The Sunday Herald
Article: Golden Eagle Award awaits champion of conservation
The Sunday Herald ;  December 14, 2003 ; Rob Edwards; Environment Editor;  686 words ... Birds (RSPB) in Scotland. The Golden Eagle Award is due to be the highlight of RSPB Scotland's centenary celebrations next ... sending in the form below. The Golden Eagle Award will be presented by broadcaster ...
The Scotsman
Article: Fury as another golden eagle is poisoned
The Scotsman ;  June 20, 2009 ; FRANK URQUHART;  694 words ... THE killing of a golden eagle in Scotland was condemned ... another poisoning of a golden eagle. This is an unacceptable ... investigations with RSPB Scotland, also hit out at the ... followed the poisoning of a golden eagle in the Borders in August ...
Press and Journal, 
The Aberdeen (UK)
Article: Golden eagle is found poisoned on Deeside
Press and Journal, The Aberdeen (UK) ;  July 21, 2006 ; Andy Philip;  462 words ... A Golden eagle poisoned on Deeside earlier this year was found ... across the region to look after wildlife. Senior RSPB Scotland investigations officer Dave Dick said the dead golden eagle was likely to have swallowed the poison close to ...
The Scotsman
Article: Golden eagle falls prey to poison bait trap
The Scotsman ;  May 24, 2000 ; James Rougvie;  700+ words ... A YEAR-OLD golden eagle has been killed by poison on a Scottish ... 21st century." Keith Morton, RSPB Scotland investigations officer, called ... Stuart Housden, the director of RSPB Scotland, said four golden eagles had been ...
The Independent - London
Article: `Disastrous' year for golden eagle killings in ...
The Independent - London ;  December 28, 2000 ; Melanie Harvey;  448 words ... THIS YEAR was the worst on record for golden eagle poisoning in Scotland, the Royal Society ... senior investigations officer for the RSPB Scotland, said 2000 had been "disastrous ... estates." Stuart Housden, director of RSPB Scotland, called on estate managers to ensure ...
The Scotsman
Article: MSPs reject move for golden eagle to be Scots icon
The Scotsman ;  December 6, 2006 ; Hamish Macdonell Scottish Political Editor;  700+ words ... action on behalf of the golden eagle. The decision was ... would help both the golden eagle population and the ... bird protection body RSPB Scotland but both he and The ... national symbol and the golden eagle was already an unofficial ...

Thoughts of the Dafthermit:

To me a wee daft fat bald git who lives in an old bus

The person and people that do this to OUR  Golden Eagles

should be dragged to the square in Inverness on a Saturday night

Their balls should be cut off dipped in poison and stuffed down their throats
and finally the talons from the eagle should be rammed up their arse

peace and light ……………………………….

© compiled from Scottish Natural Heritage and Forestry Commission sources.
Golden eagles are huge birds of prey
with a wing span of over 2 metres. They
can soar and glide high in the sky using
air currents to help them. They are a
dark brown colour with a paler golden
brown head. Young eagles have white
patches on their wings and tail. Golden
eagles have strong hooked beaks for
tearing the flesh of their prey. Their legs
are feathered and they have strong,
large, yellow feet which they use to grip
and kill animals. Their claws or talons
are sharp and curved and pierce the
body of any animal that they catch.
Golden eagles have large eyes
and very sharp eyesight. They
can see detail several times
better than humans and
can spot a rabbit
2km away.
Nest and eggs
A golden eagle’s nest, called an eyrie, is
usually found on a mountain ledge or
crag, or in a very tall tree. It is a large,
wide nest, made out of sticks and
branches. The same
eyries are used again
and again. As more
nest material is added
to them over several
years they can grow as
much as 3 metres deep.
Golden eagles lay two
eggs 2–5 days apart. The
female sits on the eggs over
a period of about 6 weeks. The
male brings in food for her and
occasionally takes a turn at
sitting on the eggs.
Both eggs hatch but
usually only one chick
survives to become an adult.
The young birds are covered in fluffy,
white down feathers and look very
different from their parents. They depend
Aquila chrysaetos
on the parents for food until they are old
enough to hunt for themselves. The
strongest chick takes most of the food
that is brought to the nest. A young
eagle starts to fly when it is about 11
weeks old. During the autumn it stays
with its parents and learns how to hunt.
Eventually it will leave them and look for
a territory of its own.
Food and feeding
Golden eagles feed on medium sized
mammals and birds, including rabbits,
hares and grouse. If they cannot find
these animals they will eat other birds
and mammals. They hunt in several
different ways. Sometimes they soar
high in the sky and then glide or swoop
down quickly in attack. They also hunt
by flying close to the ground, catching
their prey by surprise. They will fly
several miles in search of food.
Instead of hunting for themselves golden
eagles will also eat the bodies of dead
animals, including deer and sheep.
Where do they live?
Golden eagles live in mountain areas
with few trees. They avoid areas that are
farmed or where there are a lot of
A pair of golden eagles occupy a large
area of as much as 30 square miles
which is called their home range. The
home range includes the area within
which they hunt for animals and several
eyries. Part of the range is used only by
the pair and they will defend this as their
Golden eagles and humans
In the past golden eagles, along with
many other birds of prey, were
persecuted by shepherds and
gamekeepers. They are now fully
protected by law but some are still shot,
poisoned and trapped. Golden eagle
nests are also still sometimes robbed of
young birds or eggs.
During the 1950s and 1960s golden
eagles, like other birds of prey, were
affected by the use of new pesticides. It
was later discovered that these
chemicals remained poisonous long after
they had been applied and they are now
banned. It is thought that in the case of
golden eagles sheep dip was the main
problem. As the golden eagles fed on
the dead bodies of sheep that had been
dipped, the levels of poison gradually
built up in the eagles’ bodies until they
became harmful. The eggs that the
poisoned birds laid had thinner shells
which broke very easily, so they could
not produce any chicks.
Sometimes golden eagles die because
they eat poisoned bait that has been laid
out to kill other predators, such as foxes
and crows.
Changes in the golden eagle’s habitat
can make it a less suitable place for
them to feed and breed. In some parts of
Scotland there are so many deer and
sheep grazing on the moorland that
there is not enough heather left to feed
other animals. This means fewer grouse
and mountain hares and in turn less live
food for the eagles. Where there are
fewer live prey golden eagles are less
likely to rear their chicks successfully.
However high numbers of deer and
sheep do mean that more carrion is
available and this can lead to a rise in
the number of golden eagles found in an
Golden eagles search for food in open
areas and cannot hunt in dense
woodland. This means that when
forestry plantations are created on open
ground in upland areas they make it an
unsuitable habitat for golden eagles.
More and more people are using the
countryside for recreation. Climbers,
birdwatchers and photographers can
disturb golden eagles and stop them
from breeding successfully.
Finding out more
Scottish Birds
Valerie Thom (Collins)
The Birds of Scotland
Emilio Dicerbo (Lochar Publishing Ltd)
Golden Eagles
Roy Dennis and Laurie Campbell (Colin
The Golden Eagle
Jeff Watson (Poyser)
How you can help
You could become involved with groups
of other people concerned with the
future of Scotland’s wildlife. Check your
local library for information about groups
in your area.
The Young Ornithologists Club (YOC),
which is the junior section of the RSPB,
produces a magazine and Scottish
newsletter which include information
about environmental issues and give you
the chance to help wildlife by taking part
in projects and surveys.
Contact: RSPB, Dunedin House, 25
Ravelston Terrace, Edinburgh EH4 3TP
The place in which an animal or plant
A chemical that is used to kill pests.
An area of planted woodland (often used
to describe large areas recently planted,
mainly with conifers).
An animal that kills and eats other
An animal that is killed and eaten by
another animal.
The area in which an animal or group of
animals lives and which they defend
against other animals of the same kind.
This factsheet may be reproduced for individual or class use, but not for publication or resale

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