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This is my friend Stormy,s son and his wonderful poetry

This is my friend Stormy,s son and his wonderful poetry :::

I wanted to share my eldest son's poetry (he is 12 years old now) because I really think he is talented at it... they are all different types of poems that he has learnt to write at school and influenced by other peoples styles of writing although they are in his own words...

A nonsense monster poem (influenced by the Chickamungus poem):

Pea-a wea
by Lewis
In the shire of Keya-dear,
Lives the unknown Pea-a wea.
It sleeps on sticks and stones,
In his cave with bones.
He also lives with a bongorongo,
A common sight in koodongo.
He flies in special wingaraang shapes,
And can only be stopped with sticky tape.
His best friend is Bill Odie,
Unfortunately, the Pea-a-wea is too big to see the whole of Bill’s body
During ring-a ranga moment, he goes to eat some berries,
Bungarung berries, which make him very merry.
It smells like a pungydunger,
Which smells so bad you will want to go down under.
He is as tall as a skyscraper,
He also likes the game Snake-a-Taper.
It’s young are pea weas but can be mistaken,
For young boddy-kistakens.
It makes a sound like a mellow bellow,
During that time it turns slightly yellow.
It tastes like your dad’s pants,
Yes the one with ants!
Many people have seen it and made a claim,
But never rose to fame.
Now we must leave the pea-a-wea,
Sleeping in his cave, in keya-dear.                        

A sound and movement poem:

 By Lewis
 The Earth very strong,
Rotates around the sun all day long.
Spinning and circling,
Orbiting and working.
It’s axis and equator headstrong.
Rising and hiding,
Sliding and riding,
Spewing and viewing,
Running across the stars.

Moaning of the aching land,
Can be soothed by a gentle hand.
The land dividing,
Birds gliding.
All on gentle Earth.

The Earth rushing and brushing,
Darting and parting,
It awakes and sleeps,
It cries and weeps.
As the Earth spins around the sun, the planets, sun, asteroids belts, and stars make our galaxy one.

The Element of Earth
By Lewis
The element of earth is a powerful element, controlling the ground of our planet.
It gives us rock, stone, leaves and twigs, the materials of earth helping us make hats and wigs.
It gives us something to stand on, something to feel beneath our feet.
Something living,
Something growing.
If there was no earth, we would be pulled to the flaming core.
Falling far.
This is the only planet supporting life so far, us human beings can build houses and cars.
Earth forms cliffs, mountains and canyons, earth can also form landscapes, hills and valleys.
We roam the lands of earth, of earth we have received,
There are many things on earth that we can achieve.
To form a living planet you only need four elements.
Fire, Water, Air and don’t forget Earth.

A hiding poem:

The Screeching, Stalling Spaceship
By Lewis
Up in a screeching, stalling spaceship,
Deep in space looking at the pretty, peering planets,
Deep in space looking at the shining, showing stars,
Deep in space riding on a rocking, rolling rocket,
Deep in space looking at the sucking, silent space,
Deep in space looking at the cooling, crumbling comets,
Deep in space looking at the massive, moribund meteors,
Deep in space looking at the neglected, natural nebulas,
Deep in space looking at the curving, conspicuous, constellations.
Deep in space looking at the gangling, gigantic, galaxies.
I lay here in the storage compartment,
What a wonderful sight it is!

What is Black?
by Lewis
Black is a crow,
Looking down below.
And the root of poison,
Slipping down the alley.
It is the night of the new moon,
It is the empty space of the universe.
Black is a consuming, corrupted soul,
Of those who are black hearted in their veins.
The stench of death is black,
But then death is black.
Black is unseen as camouflage colour,
But can be seen as another.
Black is the sound of a dead man coughing.
Black is Nothing,
Nothing is Black.
You can smell the rotting of black,
In the alley, at the back.

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