Sunday, 3 July 2011

The pool ( The suppression of creativity) a wee tale from the dafthermit ( narrated) a wee film from the Scratchy Heed Film studio

                                                         The Pool
                                      ( The suppression of creativity)

On that day when the moon first kisses the sun before embracing her fully
if you are brave enough ?

Take a good strong stick and head south west from the bus

Eventually you will come to a deep scar from a long gone ice sheet

Climb the banking on the other side


And through the golden mist you will see the pool emerge.
Twenty yards or less away.
The pool it’s waters black and still.

The edge a perfect circle.

It’s banking falling away vertically to a depth i know not what.

I have been to it many many times

On each occasion taking a longer and longer rope

With a moss covered stone as a weight attached

I have thrown it to the centre of the pool .

And foot after foot it descends.

But never never has it reached the bottom .

The water never moves, no stars are ever reflected,no clouds ever dance on the still still water.

No matter how cold the surrounding ground the water never freezes , even when Loch droma has long since frozen to a depth of 30 inches or more .

The water stays clear and dark

Never moving,no sign of life from it’s dark dark black water .

But as i said, if on the day when the moon dances infront of the sun

Wait till the darkness fully envelopes the glen , then head to the pool .

I am sure like me, the site that will greet you when you climb the scar

Will halt you in your tracks.

From the edge of the pool and stretching oot ten yards and forming another perfect circle .

Purple fragrant heather will be in bloom no matter the time of year .

As you approach the waters edge you will see a small circle of gold in those dark waters .

Slowly at first it will ripple outwards to the edge .

Then in an instant, GONE.

The waters blacker and stiller than before.

The wind will start in the high glen and roar .

Doon the sheer cliff.

Racing to where you stand .

Then as it hits you with all it’s force it will STOP.

Quietness will embrace you and beyond no sound, no birds will call, no trees will bend, NOTHING .

From this will come at first a silent whisper

But as you lean into it to try to listen

That too will drift away .

The the waters will rise first one foot then ten , before plunging down the side of the pool.

Further and further until no longer visible.

But my friend don’t be scared open your eyes and your heart.

From the depths first one spirit closely followed by another .

Till thousands will fly from the depths the whole glen is filled with laugter and song .

The moon still covering the sun will cast a golden glow.

The stars will shine like never before.

But as the sun emerges from behind the moon to climb the horizon.

All will return to the pool.

And quiet will fill the glen.

The heather will wilt and die , the water returning at first a deep deep blue but quickly it to will become black and lifeless again.

Then from the middle of the water a last scream will be heard .

which will fill your heart with hope.


a wee tale from the Dafthermit in the Scratchy Heed Film studio

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