Thursday, 18 August 2011

Getting the old tin can up and over the mountain roads..

With the moon streaming a golden glow on the loch the old truck steadily clocking up the miles ,all is well.

Then ahead the site of the road seemingly too disappear into the clouds sends a wee shudder though all in the old tin can .

with a gentle tap on the dash to reassure the old wagon that she can do it we head at maximum speed ( well 46mph) confident that all will be ok .

Then as the road begins to climb the gears are engaged first 4th and all to soon we are doon to 2nd but quickly she settles in and begins the climb . a quick glance to the right and far far below is the beach we had spend the night . turning back to the road i could see it climb even steeper .

I turned to Mel, Dylan and Custard all were sitting wide eyed . Mels mouth wide open as if locked in mid sentence even the dogs seem to have their paws crossed and they also sat bolt upright and mouths wide open tongue’s dangling in fear .

But as so many times before the old tin can climbed and climbed until the summit came into view and at last i was able to ease back the throttle and free wheel a while,

temp dropping and the view ahead the reward for the effort then just as we all started to smile again and chatter resumed the site roon the next corner

plunged all in the can to silence . except for the occasional “ SHITE, SHITE “

The road plunging doon and doon , quickly i engaged 2nd gear and gingerly made oor way doon the CLIFF .

with only the odd we squeek for the front right brake ( need to re-grease it )

At the bottom i pulled in a checked all was ok , for the next mile or so nothing was said until i found a wee layby to pull in for the night..

When i got the step doon and went inside the cats inside their baskets had rolled back against the wall. the look i got from both them at the indignity of having to travel upside doon with their food dishes as hats and the water bowls having emptied their contents in they bed .was priceless and with an angry swish of their tails they both headed past me heads held high ignoring me as they made their way oot the door .

A few minutes later though and they were back both rubbing up aside my leg happy at their new home ..

so all at the hovel is harmony again..

Well until the next wee journey ..

love and light ..

Love and light from the wee rusty tin can here in the Scottish highlands............ Alba gu brath

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A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film

A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film
Andy the Daft Hermit lives 45 minutes outside Inverness with his wife Mel in an old bus parked in a layby. This current home of theirs is the longest they have ever stayed in one spot. “I’ve been travelling now 25 years,” said Andy Lowe. “Mel’s been travelling 15. One of the reasons we’ve come and stayed up here is because of Mel’s health. I wanted to bring her to the mountains for fresh air and clean water and just a slower pace of life.” Mel has had breast cancer twice, skin cancer once, and for three years believed she had bone cancer after being wrongly diagnosed. Andy’s belief in the restorative powers of the north made them pack up ‘The Black Bus’ that they live in and cross the border into Scotland. New Highland home for hermit couple Andy and Mel “I think we both believe in trying to get to a more simple way of life,” said Andy, “but it’s strange for us because we are sort of hermits, or we like to live separate, but it’s not being anti-social… it’s just the way we are that allows us to be creative.” Andy first began travelling when he left the army. Fed up with bureaucracy he packed a rucksack and left for France and has been travelling ever since. By investing any money the couple have earned into solar panels and wind generators they now live a self-sustaining existence, without electric bills, and collect rain water “straight from Heaven”. “It’s not easy,” said Mel. “There might be time when there might not be enough facilities around, but you always find a way, you know?” Rather than rejecting technology, Andy blogs about his travels online and collaborates with artists from around the world via his ‘Scratchy Heid Film Studio’, which he runs from a static trailer next to the couple’s bus. He explained his philosophy: “My belief is that if you can go through life and you drop dead and you’ve got a balance there that slightly outweighs the good than the bad, you’ve done alright. “Yesterday, with what Mel’s been through with the cancer and all that, I had a woman on one of my sites there that thanked me for the writing, for the positive things, and to me that’s worth everything. You can keep your millions, we’re not interested. That is what we do.” To check out Andy’s artwork and video projects check out his website. MORE FROM THE NORTH

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