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After watching a programme on BBC  SCOTLAND and ssseing yet another person who has been jailed after trial by Media and the police pandering to it . I felt i had to do something to try and help Colin , below is his story and the links to various sites  ...
The info has been taken from the offical site  click here to view it

Colin was convicted on 4th March 2008 of 4 charges of murder and one of attempted murder by the injection of large doses of insulin, leading to death by hypoglycaemia. The crimes were alleged to have taken place in hospitals in Leeds, over a 6 month period. We believe that Colin is innocent of these crimes and is a victim of a gross miscarriage of justice under a flawed legal system.
Colin is now serving life in HMP Frankland high security prison. Colin himself has always claimed his innocence and continues to do so, and he also believes that it is possible that no crime was actually committed but that these women may well have died of natural causes as was the accepted medical prognosis at the time of their deaths and was the recorded reason on their death certificates. 

Free Colin Norris!

Investigations started in a Leeds hospital, where Colin worked, when an 86 year old patient was found to be in a hypoglycaemic coma. After treatment her blood levels returned to normal but she remained in a coma for three weeks. On the death of the patient, blood samples were taken and sent away for analysis and the results showed very high levels of insulin which prompted a full forensic post mortem. This report concluded that all natural causes could be ruled out.
As Colin had been on duty, with two other nurses, at the time of the death an investigation was conducted to ascertain if any other patients had died in similar circumstances and Colin was highlighted as a common denominator, having also nursed other women who had died of recorded ‘natural causes’. As a result of the investigation Colin was charged in October 2005 with the murder of the first patient as well as the murder of three others and the attempted murder of another. All of the patients had suffered sudden, severe and unexplained hypoglycaemia.
At first glance, it would appear that there may have been suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths of these patients, there was no proof offered that murder had taken place. Even though the prosecutions’ evidence presented contained many inconsistencies and failed to produce any conclusive evidence to prove Colin’s guilt in any crime, the circumstantial evidence presented by the prosecution was accepted as evidence of guilt.
Some of the obvious flaws are highlighted on this page.
  • In the case of patient A, although a full post mortem was conducted there were no signs of puncture wounds on her body to suggest an injection had been administered. Conflicting opinions were given in court as to whether an “injection site” would still have been visible after three weeks at the post mortem.  Given that the puncture marks were still visible on the fingers from the taking of the blood sugar levels it would suggest that any puncture marks resulting from an improper administration of insulin or any other substance would not have healed on the patient and have been visible at the time of the post mortem.
  • In the case of the patient B, who went into a coma on 25th June 2002 and died on the 27th no post mortem was conducted as her death was diagnosed as natural causes and her body was cremated. Defence evidence stated the patient had recovered consciousness from the coma and may have died from a deterioration of her pre-existing heart condition or a stroke. It is an accepted medical fact that the body naturally produces insulin if someone suffers a stroke.
  • Patient C, who died on 22nd July 2002 was also diagnosed, at the time of death, as dying of natural causes. She was buried but her body was exhumed 14 months later for a post mortem. It was stated, in court, that the post mortem was “compromised”. Defence experts suggested that she might have died from hypoglycaemia caused by tumours producing Insulin-growth factor or by metastatic breast cancer. There is much discussion on the ability of a post mortem to differentiate between natural and synthetic insulin found in the body after 14 months.
  • Patient D, who was found in a coma on 19th October 2002 was also diagnosed to have died of natural causes and her body was cremated. No post mortem was ever conducted or blood sample properly analysed. Defence lawyers argued that she may have died of a stroke.
  • In the case of Patient E, who went into a coma on 17th May 2002 but survived. She lived for a further 8 months and died of “unrelated” natural causes. Again, she was cremated and no post mortem was conducted.
The above is only a brief introduction to some of the facts that question the decision of the court in this case. Months of conflicting and confusing medical evidence were put before the courts and many factors seem to have been ignored. All the evidence presented by the prosecution was circumstantial in relation to Colin’s guilt. We, obviously, believe fully in Colin’s innocence. It is not just the inconsistencies and misjudgements in this case that allow us to come to this decision but our knowledge of him as a person. We have created this page to obtain support for Colin. The above link is a documentary made by the BBC.  The journalist who investigated this case also believes Colin to be innocent and this to be a huge miscarriage of justice.  Please watch this documentary as I can guarantee you will find this interesting. October 2011 This is an article from Insidetime, a prisoner newspaper where Mark Daly, journalist gives his view on the conviction October 2011 Newspaper articles from October 2011.  Maybe the papers are eating their previous words now. This is an article from Insidetime by Mark Daly.  Interesting reading.
August 2011
please take a moment to help Colin and his family 

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