Sunday, 27 November 2011

Daily Thoughts , gathered from my status updates during the week




At the time of the year when the sunrise and sunset embrace ever closer inspiration flows from the night

might have to get the fire going

I love those signs " frustration kills " on the roads. What about oor frustration at those drivers up oor arse. As always its all about speed. Strange then further doon the road " speed kills " flash a deadly warning

Crematorium's are to sell electricity produced by their furnaces to the grid..

Happiness is so easily discarded on the road to riches

As the storm rages on. Never more alive .
Answers and questions arrive on the back of the wind only to be washed away in the rain

The wee wandering trouser button...
You can tell how life is going by the tracks left behind as the wee button moves first this way then that way along the waistband of life.


phone cold callers , one of the last FREE sports aboot love it

Insurance for cyclists god what next it will be mots and licences before you can go for a wee ride , then what ? insurance for farting and walking SOD OFF i say , love and light

My latest wee film introducing the wonderful work of Leanne Daphne Goodallhope you enjoy my friend . love and light from a windy wee hovel clinging to the mountains

Aye all the education in the world is pointless withoot inspiring teachers didnae have them when i was there and hence the reason i spent so much of my school years pished doon the beach or in the mountains lol

time to delete some gits that are really bugging me then of to bed had enough

Truck chained to the bus before we end up doon the yellow brick road

Don;t come on my blog and leave a link to your business and not even add to the post because i wont publish it , also it took me ages to get rid of the pop ups that were hidden inside comments etc and have better things to do than that , love and light

Ditched driving and the huge savings roll in....
Day two and we have saved £30 diesel and sent tax disc for a rebate another £30 in oor pocket.
And another bonus i dont have to see the miserable face at the garage , even when £100 spent the feeling you were in the way prevailed.
Love and light

Every kid that stands and says they cant get a job SHOULD be a stab in the heart to all the teachers that have taught them for 9 years and FAILED oor kids . educating the young should be a privellge NOT just a job.. Schools should be given to the community not sitting back getting hand oots and expecting parents to pay more and more


Corrieshalloch Gorge & snow bunting

Storm coming

BE YOUR OWN HERO . Unshackled the chains and dance.


As the sun sets time to dive into the night

we need MORE laws and regulations. Think of those poor we lawyers.

PAPER WORK all done . Gathered together and match to it. This filing lark is a doddle
free heat

SCRUMPING another keep fit tip

Thunder and lightning a great way to get fit ?

Truanting a great way to get fit ?

The radio crackles then flicks between stations.
The fire roars flames leap from the open door before being drawn up the chimney .
Outside SCREAMS are followed BY.

After some woodcraft and with the fiddles and pipes in my heed . Time to head of to the burn and bathe under a magical murky highland day.

Devils Ditch (Stonehenge stories)
The devils ditch page 1

Devils Ditch (Stonehenge stories) The devils ditch page


wee burner working well . Saved and saving a small fortune


love and light from us in the wee hovel

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Love and light

A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film

A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film
Andy the Daft Hermit lives 45 minutes outside Inverness with his wife Mel in an old bus parked in a layby. This current home of theirs is the longest they have ever stayed in one spot. “I’ve been travelling now 25 years,” said Andy Lowe. “Mel’s been travelling 15. One of the reasons we’ve come and stayed up here is because of Mel’s health. I wanted to bring her to the mountains for fresh air and clean water and just a slower pace of life.” Mel has had breast cancer twice, skin cancer once, and for three years believed she had bone cancer after being wrongly diagnosed. Andy’s belief in the restorative powers of the north made them pack up ‘The Black Bus’ that they live in and cross the border into Scotland. New Highland home for hermit couple Andy and Mel “I think we both believe in trying to get to a more simple way of life,” said Andy, “but it’s strange for us because we are sort of hermits, or we like to live separate, but it’s not being anti-social… it’s just the way we are that allows us to be creative.” Andy first began travelling when he left the army. Fed up with bureaucracy he packed a rucksack and left for France and has been travelling ever since. By investing any money the couple have earned into solar panels and wind generators they now live a self-sustaining existence, without electric bills, and collect rain water “straight from Heaven”. “It’s not easy,” said Mel. “There might be time when there might not be enough facilities around, but you always find a way, you know?” Rather than rejecting technology, Andy blogs about his travels online and collaborates with artists from around the world via his ‘Scratchy Heid Film Studio’, which he runs from a static trailer next to the couple’s bus. He explained his philosophy: “My belief is that if you can go through life and you drop dead and you’ve got a balance there that slightly outweighs the good than the bad, you’ve done alright. “Yesterday, with what Mel’s been through with the cancer and all that, I had a woman on one of my sites there that thanked me for the writing, for the positive things, and to me that’s worth everything. You can keep your millions, we’re not interested. That is what we do.” To check out Andy’s artwork and video projects check out his website. MORE FROM THE NORTH

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Loch Ness film festival
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