Friday, 30 March 2012

Just some wee thoughts from the old fart in the tin can

Life is life and food comes from the death of life . It has been shown that even a plant cut sends out distress signals to others.



An open fire. the sounds of the mountains echo across the morning .kettle boils as the day journeys on..


The more superior we think we are as a species... The more we show how inferior we truly are..


A wee smile one of the most powerful forces in the universe and if followed by a hug can change the world


Beneath a highland sky.
Stars a blanket.
Moon the torch that lights the way.
Every heather footfall the walk of FREEDOM.
The laws of man left behind ahead the true laws and wonder of life....



Through the woosh of the wind genny blades a wee waterfall joins in the music of the hovel


The pebbles of time roll on bye.


Spring pulls at winters skirt . Over the horizon the sun dances longer each day...


Fresh water from a wee burn nae better brew


Exploring Scotland’s mountains. PURE MAGIC....


Rain dancing and racing to catch the early morning rays
Time to rise and play

Living off grid. There are many reasons why going off grid is right. The march of the pylons . Power stations etc all damage and scar the planet.. Financially it makes sense to produce your own power. The list goes on



The less you take from the planet the more it gives back



Petrol stations
Traffic lights
Light pollution
And motorways

The lovely sound of rain on the hovel roof and the joy that knowing the water barrels are filling , PURE MAGIC



Fairness something so lacking in society today . The majority impose new rules and laws without any fairness over the minority...


The ghosts of time sits astride night clouds.
Guided by the stars and bathed in moonlight.
They journey the eternal voyage.


With an open mind as time retreats we know less and less . The joy of questioning all around us on the journey of life..


A day to dance and dream with the sun, wind and rain...



My " FAITH " Comes from a spring flower breaking the soil the rush of the wind and the flow of the burn
. NOT for me GOD .....


I DON'T need to tick a box or a politician to tell me i am free and independent.. I choose that path many years ago.

Watching politicians clamber under the two brollies of religion and greed. It never fails to shock me they ever get close to the power that controls so many life’s...


The weeds of time will simply dismiss those that become arrogant through knowledge.


The more we pish aroon with NATURE the bigger the problems that will return one day


Our death a time to rejoice as we repay the universe for the wonderful gift of life... We are all Donors, in death


SCOTLAND inventing and manufacturing our way to a brighter greener future for oor kids


Self healing , our bodies can and do produce some of the most powerful drugs on Earth. Even the medical profession is starting to understand this


SNOW SIMPLY RAIN IN SLOW MOTION. the joy of oor wee planet



I love the fact that we can all be in the company of some great minds as they search for the answers behind THE SINGULARITY. The joy at freeing your mind and setting sail across the wonder of the universe. Magic


No loans, No credit card , No debt at 50 seen as a bad thing. Credit rating 0 a sign of the madness behind the money game. Proud to have a score of 0


If i do nothing else with my life. The fact that so many people have changed their ideas over the three years i have lived here about " travellers " .
ie " They are all dirty bastards " then i will die a happy wee hermit.


Singularity a wee problem on the horizon.

As humans we MUST just stop for a week or more and just think..


When we learn to embrace death as simply a natural cycle .then and only then will we as humans evolve..


Belief in your abilities and the path you have chosen. True courage


Micro power generation the way forward. Free yourself from the bills. Magic


A swift boot up the arse helps realign the Chakras nae end.

Real men don't cry . Bollocks. Don't be taken in by this shite. Release the pain and free yourself.



Sitting at the river today. Cloud drapped over and doon the surrounding mountains.
Watching the water barrel gurgle and fill gently.
To be part and close to the eternal cycle that is the journey the true diamond a single droplet of water.


Is your wife nicking your chocolate biscuits while you sleep.
Grounds for divorce ?


A wee thought jumped into my heed. Felt lonely and fled


I would rather fight the tide in an ocean of possiblities than bathe in a calm pool of negativity.


When two true hearts come together anything is possible.


So thankful to the time spent in the gutter. Lessons learnt thoughts and hopes evolved. That have served me well on the journey


The happier and more simple your life the more you want to help others less fortunate
. Love and light


If you want to live your life with your head up your arse fine. Don't pull it oot to pooh pooh my idea's . Just stick it back up your arse and go on your merry way. Love and light



Believing hype to old for that shite. Not any difference from trusting gossip


SOD talk talk time to just do do. To old for bullshit


Has recycling become a way to excuse our consumption of the raw materials of mother earth

Playing in the puddles of life.
Heart soaring above and beyond.
Heed nestled upon the bens.
Toes dipped in a frozen burn.
Lets hold hands and dance the dance of joy . Love and light x





No matter what i do or say i canny make my cat understand that sticking its arse in my face As i wake up is NOT LOVE

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A wee film about us on STVs the HOUR SHOW click on STV logo to see the film
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