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Discrimination and prejudices (Mels monthly cancer meds)

Discrimination and prejudices ( Mel's 4 weekly meds )
That time again the meds have almost run out ,and with 4 days worth left time too sort out the next 4 weeks of morphine etc . As many of you will know, I now deal with the meds after watching , listening and not being heard for 7 years as Mel went up and down taking far too much resulting in me finding Mel in the morning almost dead from an overdose at least 5 times. The medical professionals could not control her intake. Then I decided with Mel's consent too take control of the Meds locking them out of reach..and even though we explain this is how we do it. Still the health professionals refuse too talk too me with regards Medication.
Pulling into Lochinver late Sunday night ( with still 5 days med left )ready too phone the surgery the next day . But when Mel woke she said she couldn't cope with dealing with the doctor and nurses and got herself into a state, I took her well away and parked up near Drumbeg . Managed to calm her down again and had a good couple of days.
Thursday, headed back too Lochinver expecting no problems with the Meds , especially as it is a surgery Mel has been registered at before . ( although under a doctor who is no longer there).
Friday we were up early and I gave Mel the remaining meds knowing we would be helped .
After I had finished shopping and getting other supplies we headed over to the car park next too the surgery and Mel phoned..
9.00 am Mel got in touch with the receptionist at the Surgery after explaining everything and asking if it would be possible for my husband/carer to come over and get the meds. The lovely receptionist said she would talk with the doctor and get right back..
9.45 The nurse came over too our home parked in the car park.
The stress started almost the moment the nurse ( name withheld ) came aboard. She explained the doctor ( again name withheld) had said " we can't have the meds and we must make our way too Ullapool (50 miles away ).
The nurse pointed out you must have passed Ullapool too get here . I explained no we we came up via leadmore junction but could have also arrived via Tongue she simply shrugged that off and continued to say we can't get meds and must make our way too Ullapool. Explaining once again we are travellers and are NFA.
Hidden anger in her voice she said " We know".
Again I tried too explained that every surgery in Scotland must not discriminate against travellers arriving at any surgery..
I was told I was NOT listening ( biting my lip I let it go, I just wanted some meds for Mel )
The nurse asked Mel is there anything we can do for you pads , equipment etc.
Mel " just my meds "
Me can you please ask the doctor if she is refusing too give us the 4 weeks med could she please at least give us some to cover us incase anything happened on the journey too Ullapool or wherever we choose to go next. Especially as it is Friday and nothing Would be open till Monday meaning Mel could be in pain for at least 4 days.
The nurse then told me I shouldn't let the meds run down as low. I explained since taking over th e meds I haven't but on this occasion Mel panicked and wanted to get away from dealing with this exact thing.
Again a simple shrug and we were told she would go over and see the doctor but we would be better just heading off too Ullapool.
9.55 nurse left
Mel stressing me trying my hardest too keep her calm. Crying eventually I got her to smile and calm down.
10.15 am Nurse came over and talked too me through the drivers window. Explaining the doctor would call over too assess Mel after surgery at 10.30am. Again stating we would NOT get the meds.. She then said she had to go as she had a patient..
In the last six months we have visited various surgeries and chemists including .
Aviemore medical practice ( amazingly helpful and friendly) chemist friendly and after waiting till the next day so they could order meds all good )
Tarbet practise ( at first refused but eventually helped with our request, chemist friendly and had all meds )
Coupar Angus both doctor and chemist friendly and caring
Broadford doctor bit off with Mel re travellers but gave full 4weeks meds . Receptionist really kind and came out with prescription. Chemist amazing and again we had to wait till the next day for them to order the drugs. They got my name and phoned me to let me know the meds were ready.
Dumfries hospital and Mel broke her arm. Another tale and maybe one day I will sit and write it.
( we have made this note too help the doctors when we visit an unfamiliar surgery, it has further details on the back. ) Although we have been promised on numerous occasions that a page will be put on the computer so any doctors can get easy access to the needs and wants of my wife Mel. It has never happened.
The list of meds has been the same for the last seven years apart from quantity. Sometimes when I have got Mel comfortable and relaxed I can stretch her meds out. ( surely a good thing and one which you would think would please the medical profession's maybe even ask the husband/carer how he manages it, When they as a profession couldn't? ) .
12.00am still no sign off the doctor. Mel phoned . The caring receptionist checked and said the doctor will be over shortly.
Again I had too calm Mel down saying " don't worry it will get sorted out. Through tears again a wee smile after one of my silly jokes.
12.30pm Doctor arrives at our home in the Car park.
I welcomed her aboard Molly and thanked her for coming over
The doctor went up and started too talk with Mel again stating we need to go too Ullapool and that because they are apparently a neighbouring practise we had no choice.
Again I pointed out we are travellers and are NFA.
You can't just travel around . You will simply get peoples backs up.
Travellers are going around gathering as much meds as possible and selling them uttered the doc
( what the hell has that to do with us, again I guess your discrimination and prejudices shine through that hollow smile and false caring attitude).
I nodded and agreed ( I just wanted my wife's meds sorted.so but my lip. Inside I was angry . Peoples back up. You cheeky bugger. Are you telling me that because of my wife's condition and the fact I want to keep her happy and travel annoys you. Then simply put F**k You.. And no we don't need anything except the meds )
Some more pointless chat including did we know we will both need help as the illness progresses ( no shit sherlock ) . Again inside will that include meds. And again WE DON'T NEED ANYTHING EXCEPT THE MEDS..
Eventually I had to beg and plead for at least a weeks worth of meds till we hit Ullapool or the practise of our choice. ( I will do what it takes to get what my wife needs and wants include beg ).
1.00 pm doctor left eventually agreeing to giving us a weeks meds
Again I stressed I deal with the meds , showing her my wee med box
Yet again as the carer/husband I was ignored and the doctor dismissed me and asked Mel what meds she needed.
Before leaving we asked what now ? And was told go over at 2.00pm and the meds should be ready
Again I thanked her for coming over and causing us nothing but stress, no I simply thanked her.
2.00pm arrived at receptionist desk asked to take a seat as it was being dealt with.
2.10 collected meds and headed up the wee mad road to Achiltibuie and realaxed and calmed Mel down
Strange reading while waiting in the waiting room how the cost too the nhs from over prescription of drugs costs millions . If the doctor had listened to me .we could have saved the cost of 7 unneeded Zopiclone 7.5mg tabs
This is not the first time we have come across this sort of discrimination the worst occasion being at Kyle o lochalsh surgery. Although help came from an Snp msp at the time Mel couldn't cope. This time though I am NOT willing too let it go. If not for us ,for whoever next finds themselves at Lochinver Doctors Surgery..
Love n light

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